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Russian independent designer and photographer Andrey Moss creates through a distinctive anatomical approach inspired by women, art, religion.. and explores the dark side of culture, employs a deft process of fabric analysis and personally sourced materials to create something entirely unique. His creations are a departure from any major fashion brand, rejecting beauty in the mainstream sense for something much more primal — a kind of second skin. Moss’s designs may seem macabre, but his exquisite relation of texture to form produces a beauty all its own. Through his creations, Moss reclaims damning constructions of woman to produce carefully crafted pieces that empower in the process. They are redolent of centuries past, yet their exceptional style makes them distinctly modern, they express the impermanence of the human experience through an artist's eyes..

If only they knew she had the power..

One of the most boring questions that can be asked in an interview, after the question about inspiration, is "what would you say to yourself if you went back in time?". And so, in my case, I would tell myself that you should not give up everything and start doing creative work right after school (as eventually happened), go and study to be a movie costume designer.. Perhaps then my creative career would have turned out quite differently and there would have been no brand called "Creative collaborator with the Devil". But despite the fact that this did not happen, fourteen years later I am working in exactly this concept and ideology, not just creating shoes and accessories, but telling stories with the help of artistic images, as if they were part of some movie. My latest eighth collection is no exception. I would like it to be something like the old American thrillers, full of primitive special effects and fake blood..
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"We suffered repulse after repulse, but Joan was here and there and everywhere encouraging the men, and she kept them to their work. When all our host was shouting itself hoarse with rejoicings, and there went up a cry for the General, for they wanted to praise her and glorify her and do her homage for her victory, we had trouble to find her; and when we did find her, she was off by herself, sitting among a ruck of corpses, with her face in her hands, crying - for she was a young girl, you know, and her hero heart was a young girl's heart too, with the pity and the tenderness that are natural to it. She was thinking of the mothers of those dead friends and enemies."
- Mark Twain, Personal Recollections of Joan Of Arc.
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Catherine de Médicis was alone, seated near a table, with her elbow leaning on a prayer-book half open, and her head leaning on a hand still remarkably beautiful,—by reason of the cosmetics with which she was supplied by the Florentine Réné, who united the double duty of perfumer and poisoner to the queen mother.
The widow of Henry II. was clothed in mourning, which she had not thrown off since her husband's death. At this period she was about fifty-two or fifty-three years of age, and owing to her stoutness and fair complexion she preserved much of her early beauty.
Her rooms, like her dress, paraded her widowhood. Everything in them bore the impress of bereavement: hangings, walls, and furniture were all in mourning. Only above a kind of dais covering a throne, where at that moment lay sleeping the little greyhound presented to the queen mother by her son-in-law, Henry of Navarre, and bearing the mythological name of Phœbe, was a painted rainbow surrounded by that Greek motto which King François I. had given her: "Phôs pherei ê de kai a‘íthzên;" which may be translated:
"He brings light and serenity."
- Alexandre Dumas, Queen Margot.
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The Mirror of Simple Souls..

"Love is no destruction, but rather instruction, nourishment and sustenance for those who trust in it, for Love is repletion and the abyss and the fullness of the sea." - Marguerite Porete
My library is constantly replenished with books, because I draw all my inspiration from this source.. I don't buy new books, only vintage ones (unfortunately, modern publications have neither beauty nor soul). Therefore, every time it turns into a fascinating search.
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Arnolfini.. Collection No.8

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck
When you work with historical sources, it is important to find not only those events or characters that will express the mood of your work, but also details, silhouettes that can become a connecting element between epochs. As I have said many times and as you can read about in my previous
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Massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy.. Collection no.8

"It was striking eleven o'clock at Saint Germain l'Auxerrois. Maurevel counted each of the hammer-strokes as they sounded clear and melancholy through the night, and when the last echo had died away in space he turned to Coconnas, who was greatly mystified at seeing the precautions taken by the two men. "Sir," he asked, "are you a good Catholic?" - Alexandre Dumas, Queen Margot.
One morning at the gates of the Louvre. Édouard Debat-Ponsan.
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The sounds of my eighth collection..

While I'm working on my new Collection no.8 (you can read a little more about it in my previous post here) I want to share a small part of my playlist that sounds during work and fills my studio. These several videos, totaling almost fourteen hours, feature the Baroque and Renaissance music that I love so much..
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Dark Ages..

Historically, it is customary to call the Dark Ages the period of European history from the VI to the X century. But despite the evolution that followed in the following centuries, and I am not sure that it was evolution, the divine light still does not sufficiently illuminate human existence.. Isn't the execution of Joan of Arc a manifestation of absolute darkness? Isn't St. Bartholomew's Night the apogee of violence? All these events, which took place much later than this period, are a legitimate product of the obscurantism of the dark ages. And now it continues to live, deeply rooted in human hearts many centuries ago..
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Spoiler alert..

I started working on my eighth collection over a year ago. Gathering information, I was waiting for the right moment when I saw in my head what I needed, when all the pictures and images would form in the right direction. And now I'm finally starting to create my new Collection no.8. For the first time my work will be divided into two parts. And as always, every picture, every date has its own meaning. But more on that later..
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