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Nov 21 18:14
The Non-Reciprocity of Victimhood and Occult Logic
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Nov 18 17:04
War with Russia considered unlikely
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Nov 16 15:23
2022: The Year the US lost All Respect
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Nov 11 16:51
Russia's Retreat from Kherson: is it Tactical or Strategic?
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Nov 06 16:42
The Trojan Horse Presidency
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Nov 01 10:54
The New Cuban Missile Crisis That Isn't
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Oct 26 12:55
Ukrainian Made Simple
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Oct 23 12:55
My New Book: "Ready... Set... Bolt!"
PDF is 500 pages long and includes all of my writings from the past couple years. Paperback version: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BJYGB4KF
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Oct 17 15:10
What Western Empire?
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Oct 09 16:22
A nice bridge you got there...

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