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2MGT / Experimental Music and Sound Design
Boris Kovalev
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Elumia / Sample Manipulation Tool

Elumia / Sample Manipulation Tool / is the next instrument in the 2MGT suite of experimental synthesizers.
Elumia is a standalone tool application for Windows.
No installation is necessary.
Elumia is Free/Donate.
A free sample manipulation synthesizer housed in a simple and intuitive interface, Elumia is based on a granular synthesis method specially designed for creating and experimenting with ambient soundscapes and noise backgrounds with rhythmic elements.
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donated for Elumia, how can I remove now the nag screen every 3 minutes, please? sent a separate mail with donation evidence ;-) thanks for support
Just donated, checking my email...

Modularis / Analog Style Sequencing Tool

  Modularis / Analog Style Sequencing Tool / is the next instrument in the 2MGT suite of experimental synthesizers (standalone tool application for Windows).
No installation is necessary, and it works without problems in Windows XP...11.
Modularis is Free/Donate (the Free version has some limitations).
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Dear Titi,
I hope you see this message.
Thank you very much for your donation!
Unfortunately, you did not provide your email address, I cannot contact you to provide you with additional information. Could you answer me on my email
( bksl@yandex.ru )

Auralis / Experimental Ambient Tool

Auralis is the next instrument in the 2MGT suite experimental sinthesizers. Using Midi files with their subsequent transformation through the Pattern Sequencer it adds extensive Modulation and FX capabilities and turn it into a multi-layered compositions.
Auralis has an extensive range of sound creation possibilities especially for Ambient, Cinematic, New Age as well as others genre of electronic music.
Auralis is a tool that allows you to create music content without much effort and expense.
Auralis is Free/Donate. No installation is necessary
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Я очень рад видеть, что у вас все хорошо и что есть новые синтезаторы от вас.

Nasca / Experimental Synthesizer

Standalone tool application for Windows.
Joystick Controlled Synthesizer. Two Layers Synthesizers.
Chord Sequencer + 2 ARP. Creating and mixing multitrack layers.
Real-time synthesis and mixing control.
Using Granular / Wawetable / Sample-based synthesis as a basis it adds extensive Sequences, Modulation and FX capabilities to and turn it into a multi-layered compositions.
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EVOX Calypso / Space Ambient Generator.

EVOX_Calypso is an experimental sound, performance-oriented virtual musical instrument that is designed for creating cinematic ambient soundscapes, sound structures, and atmospheric and ethereal textures, as well as more traditional synthesizer sounds that can be layered to create a tremendous variety of spatial sounds. EVOX_Calypso sounds extend to unattainable distances, immersing you in unexpected worlds. The tool includes more than 128 ready-to-mix presets.
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Experimental Synthesizer EVOX.

EVOX is an experimental electronic synthesizer (standalone tool application for Windows) that employs two separate and programmable layers each with extensive FX and Modulation Matrix modules which provide the user with maximum control over unique sound creation. With the built-in 16 track Crossfade Pattern Sequencer, long evolving ambient/drone sounds can be created and cross-faded with other sounds to create dense tapestries of sound.
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Soundscape Generator for Windows Etheric Fields.

"Etheric Fields" is a standalone tool application for Windows, designed as a Soundscape Generator. This is not a sampler or a player, two generators of randomized wave morphing work inside the program. Each time you turn this program on, it will sound different. Since "Etheric Fields" can generate non repetitive patterns once initiated it can be thought of as being free running.
Patterns are formed randomly, following each other. When one pattern track ends, the next track will automatically start playing after a few seconds. It will continue until you turn off the program by pressing "Stop" button.
When you click the "Start" button, the program will immerse you in the endless world of sounds, where chaos and order reign, where the stars are born and fade away, where the space is penetrated by cosmic rays and filled with gravitational waves and various energies... "Etheric Fields" is a generative symphony performed by a choir of Angels and a scanning Radio Telescope". (such a comparison was given by one user of the program).
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