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Feb 23 17:29

Modularis / Analog Style Sequencing Tool

  Modularis / Analog Style Sequencing Tool / is the next instrument in the 2MGT suite of experimental synthesizers (standalone tool application for Windows).
No installation is necessary, and it works without problems in Windows XP...11.
Modularis is Free/Donate (the Free version has some limitations).
  Dual 16 step sequencer with a built in synths that also has the ability to control other softsynths via it's MIDI out (will need a virtual MIDI cable).
Dual Layer Random Seed Pad Arpeggiator
Modularis has an extensive range of sound creation possibilities especially for Ambient, Berlin School as well as others genre of electronic music.
Modularis has a built-in Recording module.
The following examples were done exclusively with Modularis and no additional effects or instruments were used.  
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