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Mar 13 2022 13:13

Nasca / Experimental Synthesizer

Standalone tool application for Windows.
Joystick Controlled Synthesizer. Two Layers Synthesizers.
Chord Sequencer + 2 ARP. Creating and mixing multitrack layers.
Real-time synthesis and mixing control.
Using Granular / Wawetable / Sample-based synthesis as a basis it adds extensive Sequences, Modulation and FX capabilities to and turn it into a multi-layered compositions.
With the built-in 16steps Chord Sequencer and two Arpeggiators, long evolving ambient and atmospheric sounds can be created and cross-faded with other sounds to create dense tapestries of sound. Also, the Sequencer and Arpeggiators allows for more rhythmic based compositions or patches as well. It is possible to create an entire composition just by creating many layers.
The following example were done exclusively with Nasca and no additional effects or instruments were used.
The source of Nasca's sound is two built-in synthesizers, Synth A and Synth B. Each Synthesizer has 128 separately assignable patches.
A and B Synth Patches: The patches for Synth A are acoustic in nature, the patches for Synth B are more synthetic. At the very centre of the Circular Display, the ID numbers of the current patches for Synth A and B are displayed in the upper and lower hemispheres respectively. To step up or down through the patches, left-click the arrows on either side of the number or click directly on the number to select from the full list of patches and view their names. These source Patches cannot be edited, however they can be modified in various ways.
A and B Synth Pitch Transpose: Left-click to menu-select plus or minus 2 Octaves by semitone.
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