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Wire wrapped jewelry tutorials
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Hello and welcome! I am Valeriy Vorobev.
First of all, change the interface language of the site to English - RU-EN
Next, click the “FOLLOW” button. Choose any way to register on the site.
I recommend that you go straight to your account settings and fill in the blank fields.
On this site, I mainly publish paid courses and books in PDF format. After the registration, they are not available to you. After payment, access to them will be granted.
Use tags to navigate the site.
How do I pay and get access to closed lessons?
You can pay for each closed post individually.
The only disadvantage of this site is that the price you see is in Russian rubles. When you pay with PayPal, rubles will automatically be converted according to the exchange rate - this will not create any problems for you.
See Free Wire wrap tutorials on my website - https://wire-wrap-tutorials.com/
My e-mail - rukodel2014@mail.ru
You can pay by PayPal. Exchange rate: 1 dollar is approximately equal to 60 rubles.
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Wire wrap pendant step by step tutorial (instructions, photo, video) for beginners.
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Making wire coils. Tutorials for beginners.

Making wire coils. Wire Wrapping – twisted coils tutorials for beginners. Coiling gizmo. Wire wrapped jewelry. Valeriy Vorobev.
To create wire and stone jewelry, I often use wire coils. Wire coils perfectly complement jewelry with stones and give them a fantastic look. Today we will make three wire coils from copper wire together with you.
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Wire wrapped bracelets tutorials for beginners
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Wire Wrapped tutorials - 20 PDF books for $40!
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Instructions. How to use this site.

Hello and welcome! I am Valeriy Vorobev.
On my Boosty account, I post paid and free Wire Wrapped tutorials. I plan to continue posting interesting and useful materials. Only registered users will have access to the materials on the website. All materials are located in the feed - just as it is in the social networks. You have to scroll through the feed to select the material. Every month I am going to post 1 to 3 new Wire Wrapped tutorials there. You won't find these tutorials elsewhere.
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Wire Wrap Pendant. Ammonite fossil slice Madagascar. PDF tutorial (about $3-4)
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2 Wire Wrap Tutorials Pendants PDF (about $3-4)
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Wire Wrapped 4 Stone Pendants. Wire wrap tutorials PDF (about $5-6)
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