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Wire wrap pendant step by step tutorial for beginners.

Today I prepared a Wire wrap pendant tutorial for you - we will make a pendant out of wire and stone with a hole. Let's create this pretty piece of jewelry together.
The wire we will need
To make the pendant, we will need 0.8mm thick wire and also 0.3mm thick wire. Personally, I find thinner wire a little more difficult to work with than the regular wire I use. The wire thicknesses I use most often for jewelry work are 1mm and 0.4mm.
The thinner wire is much softer, which creates some difficulty. And you also need to have good eyesight... or wear glasses.
You can use any wire you have available. Use wire of appropriate thickness. I used nickel silver wire.
A stone to create a pendant.
I used an oval bead with a hole made of natural agate stone. You can use any flat bead, of any shape, with a hole in it.
Tools for making jewelry out of wire.
In my today’s Wire wrap pendant tutorial we will need several pliers and wire cutters. You don't really need a lot of tools to create unique wire and stone jewelry.
Wire wrap pendant tutorial
Prepare three pieces of 0.8 mm thick wire about 30-40 cm each. You should always have a lot of thin 0.3 mm wire.
About midway through, start weaving the three wires together. Use any weaving technique you like or just repeat after me.
Bend the weaving around the edge of the stone.
Slide the thin wire through the hole in the bead. Bring the thin wire behind the weaving and slip it back into the hole in the bead. Use the same wire to continue weaving the three main wires.
Bend the weaving as shown in the photo.
Next, just weave then bend and weave then bend again.
Bring the wire to the back of the pendant and hide the ends. Bend the ends behind the bottom weaving.
Next, we need to make a loop for a cord or necklace.
Carefully bend the weaving.
This is what it looks like from the back side. Maybe you have noticed, I changed the way I weaved it.
Go to the front side.
Let's continue to decorate our pendant. Gently bend the weaving.
Again, bring the ends to the back of the pendant.
Cut off the excess wire and bend the ends of the wire and hide them. Pay special attention to this final work. The wire jewelry will be worn by yourself or by your friends or customers. The wire must not scratch the skin or cling to clothes.
The Wire wrap pendant tutorial is almost over and pendant is ready. Carefully examine the jewelry - fix the flaws.
If you, like me, were making a pendant from natural wire, you will have to do a little more work.
I patinated the pendant with a special solution. Then I polished it with felt circles and used polishing paste. I often do it in my Wire wrap pendant tutorial.
It remains to finish the pendant - add a necklace or leather cord. You can make a memory wire necklace.
Watch the video Wire wrap pendant tutorial
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