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Instructions. How to use this site.

Hello and welcome! I am Valeriy Vorobev.
On my Boosty account, I post paid and free Wire Wrapped tutorials. I plan to continue posting interesting and useful materials. Only registered users will have access to the materials on the website. All materials are located in the feed - just as it is in the social networks. You have to scroll through the feed to select the material. Every month I am going to post 1 to 3 new Wire Wrapped tutorials there. You won't find these tutorials elsewhere.

More good news - Tutorials in the first 3 days after publication will be sold at a deep discount, and some of them even for free! After 3 days, the material will be sold at full price. I will notify only my subscribers about new materials in advance! Don't miss this opportunity – sign up on Boosty and follow my account!

How do I get access to paid materials?
To purchase paid materials, you will need to log in and pay for the material (you can do it through PayPal). After payment, the material will be available to you for viewing forever. You will be able to view materials and videos. It is also possible to download books in PDF format.
The only disadvantage of this site is that the price you see is in Russian rubles. When you pay with PayPal, rubles will automatically be converted according to the exchange rate - this will not create any problems for you.
You can pay by PayPal. Exchange rate: 1 dollar is approximately equal to 70 rubles.
  How to follow me on Boosty?
You need to go to the link - https://boosty.to/valeriy-vorobev
First of all, change the language of the website interface. Look in the upper right corner and switch RU to EN.  
  This is the only inconvenience you'll encounter on this website. On smartphones, it can sometimes look like three horizontal dashes in the upper right corner.
Next, click on the "FOLLOW" button under my picture and sign up. Confirm your email. And finally, click the "FOLLOW" button again. That's it - now you follow me on Boosty!
  Specify your phone number in your account settings - thus it will be easier to access the website from your smartphone.
Use filters and tags to make it easier to find what you're looking for on the website.
Don't forget to share the posts with your friends! Write your comments.
Let's chat on Boosty!
Sign up here - https://boosty.to/valeriy-vorobev
My main websites will continue to work as usual
Handmade Jewelry - https://wire-wrap-tutorials.com/
DIY crafts - https://ideas-crafts.com/
My Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HandmadeValeriyVorobev/
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