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May 12 2021 13:01
Preferred Signs of Attraction in Men and Women
The above graph represents the results of the Attraction Triangle Game.
Essentially, the game is to pick two out of three signs of attraction in a potential mate at the expense of the other; with the outcome having three possible choices as listed below and shown in the Attraction Triangle:
- Good Looks and Emotional Stability, but NOT Intelligent
- Intelligent and Emotionally Stable, but NOT Good Looking
- Good Looking and Intelligent, but NOT Emotionally Stable
The point of this particular experiment was to find out which preferences in a mate that an average man or woman would prioritize over others. From here we could then infer all sorts of different theories on attraction and mate selection.
Of course, if one could have their way, a person would obviously choose to have the perfect mate, one that exhibits all of the best signs of attraction that could be possible. However, this game, and life in general will not always provide you with the best possible choice. Sometimes, in our dating and relationship lives we all have to make priorities in the various attraction qualities that we are willing to accept in a long term relationship.
Men’s Preferred Attraction Qualities in Women
There’s no doubt that men are visual creatures and the results of this survey only goes to prove that further with over 80% of the men choosing the two options that include “Good Looks.” As much as we’d like to think that ultimately looks don’t count in the long run, it is certainly a high priority for those men in the selection process. Though this shouldn’t be much of a surprise as we already know many of the biological reasons in which men would prefer looks over other qualities; it is simply in our DNA.
Also, it appears that many men are willing to forgo intelligence in favor of good looks and emotional stability. Basically, the average guy wants a woman who is attractive with little drama. Not too surprising.
Women’s Preferred Attraction Qualities in Men
What’s interesting is that even though both genders prefer emotional stability in their mates, the women had the complete opposite of men in terms of choosing intelligence over looks. With over 60% of women choosing intelligence and emotional stability, I think it’s safe to say that looks really aren’t that important for men; it’s really more about matters of intelligence, confidence, etc.
These results also seem to match up with evolutionary theory, in that women tend to focus on mate selection based on the ability to help in child rearing.
However, I tend to wonder what the results would be like if the survey wasn’t based on long term mate selection, but rather a short term “hook-up.” My guess is that their preferred signs of attraction would switch to “Good Looks and Intelligence,” but who knows. What do you guys think?
Sources and Data
Nervous that my data would be skewed, for whatever reason, towards those that read seduction and pick up artist blogs, I paid for a bunch of traffic from Loveawake to the survey in order to get more responses from average men and women.
You can view the data here for those of you that want to do your own number crunching. Note that results might be slightly different do to the fact that I am continuing to collect data for future use. Thus the charts in this post represent approximately the first 110 men and 110 women to respond.
What Do You Think of the Results?
So what do these results say about men? What about women? Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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Everyone has their own preferences. Right?
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Jan 08 2021 18:26
How to Meet Your Man
You’re out with your girlfriends.  You’re having a great time talking and laughing.
When suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you spot him.  A man who sets your heart a twitter.  Could he be your man? What do you do? How do you know if he’s available to meet you?  You could just go up and ask him.  Be brave.  Speak first.  See if he’s interested. However, I wouldn’t advise it.
Why not?  You might ask.
Because when you approach a man and make the first move, you don’t know if he’s your man. He may someone else’s man and is acting polite.
So how do you meet your man?
1.  Catch His Eye
Catch his eye and smile for five seconds.  Yes, it’s tough.  Yes, it feels like forever and you feel like a slut. Your lip sticks to your teeth because all the saliva has drained out of your mouth and down to your pits.
But it’s important to do it anyway.
Catch your man’s eye and hold the gaze long enough to see if he’s interested, available and safe to meet you.
If he is, he will approach you. 
2.   Wait for Him to Speak
When your man approaches you, let him speak first. Let him start the conversation. Let him say whatever he wants to say. 
It’s tough when your man is thinking of what to say to you for the first time.  He doesn’t want to look like an idiot. He wants to say something that will impress you or make you laugh. He wants your respect.
So no matter how awkward or clumsy it feels, just sit, smile and wait for him to speak.
Even if he says something stupid like, “Where’d you get your shoes?” (You’ll laugh about it later.) Your man is brave. He’s a hero. It takes courage for your man to walk across the room and say “hello.”
3.  Follow the Leader
After he speaks, be receptive to whatever he says. Let him talk and lead the conversation. He’ll tell you who he is. He’ll give you a lotta good info.
This is good news for many reasons:
You don’t have to be clever. You don’t have to perform. You don’t have to impress him with your accomplishments.  You get to relax, listen to his stories and be entertained by them or not. Hear what he says. Hear what he’s offering. See how he makes you feel.
Your man will want you and show you he does. He will ask for your number, make a plan to see you and care about your feelings.
If he’s not your man, he won’t do these things. Instead, he’ll ask you to call him and expect you to want him more.  And if he does make a plan, he will rarely follow through. 
And that is how to meet your man.
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Dec 16 2020 16:59
Why Scoping Out Your Online Dating Competition Is A Bad Idea
Is it a good idea to check out “your competition” on your online dating site?
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Nov 03 2020 17:03
Two Tip Top Tips To Meeting Your Online Date
In today’s world, with the advent of many technological advancements, meeting potential dates has never been easier. Finding a soulmate online is increasingly becoming popular among both males and females alike. However, like many other dating methods, it has its own set of challenges. This is especially true in a cross cultural relationship. With these 2 dating online tips, hopefully finding a soulmate online will be much easier, and more enjoyable for you.
Before we get started, let us identify the main challenge presented by online dating: though technically, this type of arrangement is different from a blind date, intrinsically the obstacles are the same. Both parties are jumping in with both feet, so to speak. Since there is no assurance that each one is truly who their online profile makes them out to be, some people approach meeting up for the first time with much trepidation. Also, because all one needs to participate in an online dating site is to create a profile (sometimes filled with bogus information intended to mislead and deceive), there is no assurance that the person on the other side of the screen is exactly who they say they are. Imagine how difficult it would be for people looking for a cross cultural relationship! This is where these dating online tips come in. Apply these two techniques and watch your results skyrocket!
The first tip is to do the necessary legwork. Doing an online background check on your potential date is an easy, simple activity which can save you from a lot of future headaches if you take the time to do it. A quick search on Facebook can tell you volumes about the person you are about to meet. While it is relatively easy to create a likeable persona on any dating site, it is much more difficult to keep up such a charade when it comes to one’s personal life online. Browse the person’s social network to see their real and actual everyday life, and other details that they may have concealed in their dating profile.
The second tip is to ask for their number and give them a quick call. A person’s voice and manner of speaking says volumes about the type of person they are. With a quick 3 minute conversation, you’d be able to get a first impression and make a good enough judgment if you wish to meet this person offline or not.
There we have it! Two simple, easy dating online tips that anyone can do within a few minutes but can save one from hours, days, maybe even weeks of needless hassle and worry. Have fun practicing these and goodluck in finding a soulmate!
Now it has become very convenient to make new acquaintances. And the Internet helps us in this very well.
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Oct 23 2020 16:07
What to Wear on a First Date for Women
So you have been looking forward to having your first date and that time is coming soon. Remember it is all but natural to have cold feet while waiting for that lovely day to come. What to wear on a first date for women is something that you should check out though since your goal here is to impress as well and it is always true that first impressions last. Women tend to appreciate things more by reading which explains why many women love to read novels more than men. On the contrary, men are actually predisposed to appreciate things more visually that means by looking.  Hence, one way to attract men is by dressing finely. As you read on you will discover some tips on dating men that will surely make your first date a memorable one, and who knows a prelude to the next and more!
Dress your way to love
Dress appropriately
Make sure you are donned with the appropriate clothes depending on the occasion. You should be able to know beforehand where the venue is. Ask your date where you are going and dress accordingly. If it is at a costume party for instance, then prepare an outfit suitable to the theme or if it is a special dinner at a fancy restaurant, then wear something appropriate for the place. You do not want to embarrass your date by the manner you dress.
Avoid skimpy clothing
A first date is part of the getting to know stage and wearing a skimpy outfit as you want the guy to get your inner core just does not suit the occasion unless your first date happens to be in a beach. Of course you want your date to look at you while you are having a conversation and not your skimpy outfit every now and then.
Avoid too much of everything
Moderation is the key to impressing your date and this applies to everything you do and say including what you wear on a first date. Heavy makeup is a no-no as it presents a different you. Indeed you are finding a soulmate who can accept you for who you are and your search begins at your first date. So do not worry too much about that pimple that just popped up on the day when your first date is about to happen. There is more to true love than a pimple. You want the guy to see you close to how you look like. Always bear in mind that wearing a strong perfume might also be a nuisance if the guy happened to have allergies.
Wear in style
This does not mean however that you splurge on your outfit for your first date although if your financial status allows you to do so then by all means do it. But then generally wearing in style simply means matching your clothes style and color to your body type to enhance your beauty. If in doubt, try to read or Google on some tips regarding this matter
Copyright by Loveawake
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Sep 24 2020 17:52
You’re Over 30, Want A Baby, Now What?
There’s no man in sight for a husband…yet. Next best thing you can do is protect your baby making assets.
Maintaining your reproductive health comes down to diet and exercise. If you know you want babies but, aren’t yet in the relationship that will bring about a family, consider these 5 fundamentals that will help you stay fertile.
1. Get and Stay In Shape.
Hit the gym. Being too fat or too thin will adversely affect your fertility. It’s commonly considered a problem for women who are underweight but, women who are overweight may stop ovulating as well. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that interferes with ovulation and is common among women who carry excess weight. Ideally keep your BMI between 20 and 24 to maintain optimal health and fertility.
2. Load up on the Bs and Cs.
Taking a daily multivitamin can improve your overall health and better regulate your menstrual cycle. Further, B vitamins like folic acid (vitamin B9) are important during ovulation and conception. Around 700 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid are needed to improve ovulation; the average woman only receives about 400 mcgs per day. Folic acid will also help ensure that you have a healthy baby. Moreover, Vitamin C and other antioxidants can reduce stress and boost male and female fertility.
Sources: citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, lentils, tuna, turkey, tempeh, bananas, berries.
3. Eat the RIGHT fats.
A certain amount of fat is necessary to conceive and maintain a pregnancy. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good fats. Saturated fat is bad in excess and, trans fats (“partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”) should be avoided at all costs!
Trans fats impair your overall health as well as your reproductive health. These fats increase inflammation in the body which interferes with ovulation, conception, and embryonic development. These fats are most often found in fast, fried, and convenience store foods.
Sources of mono and poly unsaturated fats: omega 3s, olive oil, fatty fish like salmon, flaxseed, avocados, nuts, soy.
4. Protein and Iron
Plant sources of protein and iron are optimal for fertility. Ironically enough, too much protein and iron derived from animal sources can disrupt your fertility- red meat especially.
Even a mild iron deficiency can derail ovulation. Women who ingest 40-80 milligrams per day of iron will see the most benefit in fertility.
With regard to protein, replacing 25g of animal protein with 25g of plant derived protein will lower the risk of ovulatory infertility.
Sources: beans, eggs, nuts, bran, spinach, whole wheat bread
5. Drink lots of water
Water is good for you, period. Water helps the body cleanse itself of impurities and maintain cell health. Eggs are cells so stick with the 8 glasses (64 oz) of water per day.
As always avoid smoking and excessive alcohol and drug use.
*Please also note that I am not a doctor and these points are in no way a guarantee.
Published under copyright by Loveawake Utah © Copyright 2010-2020. All rights reserved.
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Sep 24 2020 17:42
Married Women Make the Best Girlfriends
Ever wondered why women already in relationships get more attention than single women?
Let me explain.  It’s that smell.  See, a single chick doesn’t have a lot of sex contrary to popular belief.  She’s got like 2 dudes she recycles every few months.  Now, if she’s kinda out there, she’s gonna be having sex with many men and that changes her smell too.  Either way, it’s about the sex. That’s what men pick up on.  Women in relationships smell like they’ve been having sex.  It’s a certain pheromone scent that attracts other men. They smell “sweeter”.
Same reason why men are attracted to pregnant women.  It’s a smell.  Single women don’t have that same scent.  They’re rather “bitter” smelling.  If she’s single and having sex, she may have a slighter better chance of attracting a man.
So, what do I mean about attracting a man?  Just a dude to holla.  Someone to step to you, ask for a number.  That stuff.  Maybe, even marry you.  Below I got some reasons why married women–to account of all women in relationships– make the best girlfriends.
1.  Married women’s cookies are well oiled.   Despite what men say, too tight can be a bad thing.  It can hurt. Single women don’t have enough oil changes.  Married women got good cookies.
2.  Married women know how to cook.  They’ll come by your house with leftovers they made their husband.  Clothes always smelling like baked chicken and sweet potatoes.
3.  Married women don’t have a lot of time.  They fit you in when they’re working late.  Quickies rule, and it’s cool.  Single chicks need too much quality time and $$$$.
4.  Married women know how to wax the “car”.  They had training from their husband and have a technique perfected.  They’ll leave your “car” spick and span like a spit shine.
5.  Married women don’t have friends.  Nuff said.  Let’s hectic, less dramatic stories to listen to.
6.  Married women “cookies” are certified grade A.   Most likely, only hubby is rubbing it down, and me.  If he isn’t, it’s just me.  Single women who sex alot, give out the “cookies” to whatever dude calls them back after a date or two.  Too many hands in the jar.
7.  Married women don’t want to get pregnant.  Especially with another man.  They have the birth control thing don’t pat. A single chick is trying to score on a brother especially one like me, who actually got something.
8.  Married women are easy to control.  They got drama at home, they need me.  I can basically get them to spend weekends with me if I demand it.  Very easy.   They need the re-assurance.
9.  Married women got somebody.  So, when the party’s over, everybody goes home.  No drama.  No lovesick breakups.  It’s done.
10a.  Married women are more natural.  They’ll come through in sweats, little makeup, hair pinned back and some sexy panties underneath.  They don’t try so hard.  A single woman will take 3 hours to get ready to just come by my house and chill and wreck my wood floors with 4 inch heels she insists on walking in the house with.
10b.  Married women are cheap.  I don’t have to spend any money.  It all goes down in one place–my place.  No dates, no romantic dinners.  Just a tv plate with some wings, fries, and beer and everybody’s happy.
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