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★ Now we want to raise funds with the help of all fans to develop a new Decision: Medieval. If you are willing to sponsor development, we would be very grateful for your help. We are ready to listen to your ideas and wishes for this project! 👍
FlyAnvil is an independent game development team. Our main core of the development team currently consists of two brothers who are childhood fans of computer-based gaming. One is the Lead Programmer and the other works as the Lead Artist.
We are a pair of hard-working and committed independent game developers who form the game development company known as FlyAnvil. As the sole developers of FlyAnvil, we are responsible for the software code, visual content, art, sound, and design that goes into all of our projects.
At the beginning of our creative career, we used to create small flash games that could be played for free on all the relevant gaming portals. We have been developing games since 2009 and have made it Furthermore, the Decision Series has been given many awards for its continually remaining a highly rated game.
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Sep 21 16:55
Experimental build version 1.3.2(0)
We have released an experimental build for Decision: Red Daze version
1.3.2(0), that fixes some issues from community suggestions, as well as some
that we found ourselves during development.
To access it, please opt-in to the EXPERIMENTAL branch on Steam, or just
update the game on GOG.
Check out the → Patch Notes
We will fully release this build once we are able to thoroughly test it
on our end or get enough feedback from you.
We hope you enjoy the changes, and your time exploring the Dust Bowl!
– The Decision: Red Daze Team
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Aug 30 17:06
Major Update #2 for Decision: Red Daze
We are happy to let you know that our second biggest update to Decision: Red Daze is available now! Meet Major Update 2!
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May 19 21:34
Major Update#1 for Decision: Red Daze
Update#1 for Decision:
Red Daze, is out NOW! With new weapons, features, and improvements to the game,
it is the perfect time to jump into the wasteland!
Decision: Red Daze on
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1621760/Decision_Red_Daze/
Decision: Red Daze on
GOG.com: https://www.gog.com/index.php/en/game/decision_red_daze
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Sep 20 2022 07:46
Decision: Medieval Flash Game
★ We want to revive our game Decision: Medieval, which was released in 2014 on flash portals. With your help, we can start work on the new Decision: Medieval. 👍
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How’s Decision Medieval  3d going? BeamingFace
The good game, I don't think they started
I hope that the game will have the same mechanics of capturing quarters. without an open world
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Sep 17 2022 09:15
Expedition Campsite
As more people settled into the region, the local government eventually stumbled upon a branching tunnel system leading deep into the earth. A number of other entryways into the system did exist, but they were usually too narrow to go through. This one proved to be both the safest and easiest to access, being larger than a full-grown person, and blocked off to the public. Some adults and children still managed to find their way into the tunnels, and much like the old expedition teams, they disappeared. Few escaped the intricate tunnels, but those that did tell stories of a lost and abandoned civilization underground. These were officially regarded as hallucinations from possible head trauma, or from breathing in any foreign substances found in the caves. Long after the established expedition camps were destroyed by the hordes of Mutants and Zombies pouring into the Dust Bowl, a camp full of Mutants was spotted near the tunnel entrance. Many small groups of Survivors invaded the camp trying to prevent another Mutant stronghold, but failed. As more groups of Survivors kept up the assault against the infected menace, they saw previously allied combatants change sides without turning. Fighting subsided soon after the people in their ranks spread the word that this stronghold was different - that the Mutants inside were peaceful and meant no harm to the survivors of the wasteland.
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Sep 16 2022 09:04
Meet some melee weapons and firearms!
Weapons is a very important thing in the game! Share your weapons with your settlers and make sure that the ammunition is always full!
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Sep 15 2022 09:14
Night Squad
It's good to have a little peace time for the Combat Squad to rest and tune up for the fight.✌
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Sep 14 2022 15:11
List of all improvements to Update #2
Decision: Red Daze Update #2 Patch Notes
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