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I am a GURPS player, GM, and blogger. Also, I co-wrote GURPS Sorcery: Sound Spells. Typically, I do conversions of D&D and Pathfinder content, but sometimes I delve into other topics.
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Oct 26 2022 07:35
GCS Occupational Templates
Occupational templates from the blog in the GCS format
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Mar 13 2022 14:49
Sorcery Compilation Document and Library
This post contains a compilation document of all my Sorcery spells, a spreadsheet for colleges and costs, and a GCS library.
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Mar 13 2022 14:40
Treasure Spreadsheet
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Mar 13 2022 14:39
Alchemy Compilation
This post includes an Excel spreadsheet to calculate parameters of alchemical potions, a compilation document of elixirs, and a spreadsheet.
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Mar 13 2022 14:31
Monster Compilation
Here we have a compilation document of all the monsters I've statted up on the blog in Microsoft Word format and an Excel spreadsheet. Will

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