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Aug 03 00:28
Chaos Space Marines Codex!
- Well, sybarites, villains, blasphemers. Who want some fight today?
/Ezekiel Abaddon, 999.M41/
You've been waiting for this moment for nearly two years. You sharpened power axes, stuffed magazines of damned bolts, nurtured your hatred for the Corpse-on-the-Throne. It is time to unleash your fury on the 44" x 60" battlefield! Prove that you are worthy to bear the mark of the True God!
In addition to the CSM codex itself, the following has been added to the site:
• World Eaters Index from the June White Dwarf.
• Updated (suddenly!) Warhammer Legends (Chaos Space Marines)
So, what are you waiting for? To arms! For Khorne/Nurgle/Tzeentch/Slaanesh (underline as appropriate)!
Home page logo by DannyQ 👍
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Jul 17 16:04
Kill Team: Moroch boxset, Killzone Register
Astrologers proclaim the week of the Kill Team.
The amount of material for special forces has been increased
👻 Phobos Strike Team - 6 experienced genetically modified soldiers of the Imperium clad in power armor and armed to the finest weapons.
💉 Blooded - 14 Chaos hobos armed with rusty pipes called to stop the experienced genetically modified soldiers of the Imperium, clad in power armor and armed to the latest millennium.
🌄 Killzone: Moroch is a battlefield with the appropriate terrain and a set of 9 missions to sort things out at the squad level.
🌄 Killzone Register - and for dessert, the rules for the terrain from the latest White Dwarf. Thanks to comrade for the exclusive scan!
p.s. Work on the CSM codex is in progress, do not worry.
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Jul 11 00:50
Skaven + Sylvaneth
Well, friends. It can be stated that GW's attempt to ground Wahapedia failed miserably once again. All thanks to you! Huge, inhuman thank you! Keep supporting me and I won't disappoint you.
Problems are problems, but debts must be closed. Added to the site at an accelerated pace:
Skaven Battletome - Ratmen faction update. Soft and fluffy pedlars of the gifts of grandfather Nurgle. Like the rest of the factions, they received some new rules and a boost in characteristics.
Sylvaneth Battletome - tree dweller faction update. Sowing light and doing good has become a little easier (I didn’t notice a serious up of characteristics, it’s probably in the rules).
AoS and 40k GW rolled out a pack of codex/battletom FAQs to bring them in line with the balance sheets. I did it too.
Moroch is still in work, somewhere in the middle of next week I will finish it. However, Boosty subscribers can already use the new operatives through the links in Discord ;)
How does one access the chat in discord? I think I have boosty in Authorized apps but I figure is not recognizing me as ... well me
Weird. Never heard of such problem. Do you have one account? Same as you mentioned on boosty?
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Jul 02 23:08
-=To Local Personnel=-
РРАВНЯСЬ! СМИРРРНА! Товарищи бойцы! В расположение нашей части прибывает крупный контингент патронианцев. К сожалению, Патреония для нас потеряна, а выживших надо куда-то девать. Так что с сегодняшнего дня наша рота получает статус межпланетарной, а значит мы переходим на общеимперский. Ротным интендантам получить на складе учебники "Beatus Anglicus" и чтоб до обеда от зубов отскакивало! Надеюсь вы окажете радушный приём новоприбывшим. Кто будет бесоёб... кхм... нарушать устав - пойдёт в атаку первым. РРРАЗОЙДИСЬ!!
-=To Foreign Personnel=-
ATTEEEEEEENTION! Greetings, comrades! It is very sad news coming from Patreonia (or from what is left of it). I’m affarid it is lost. Anyway, the fight will go on! Boostia is now your new home. We’ve translated signlabels all over the camp to Imperial Gothic. I hope we didn’t mixed up "Toilets" and "Kitchen" - they have same smell! HA-HA-HA-HH!! Ahem... nice joke, yes, indeed. I expect of you same courage and leadership... I mean tenacity on your service for the Imperium of Man here on Boostia! DISSSMISSSSED!
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That was the last drop! I have subscribed immediately! Thank you for your website/
Subbed mate. As the other guy said you should add a set of tiers above guard. Your own Space Marine chapter up to Chapter Master ($20) > Primarch ($50) > God Emperor ($100)

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Jul 02 18:40
How to subscribe on Boosty?
1. Switch language to English (look top right and set the drop down to EN)
2. Log in via Google or other
3. Select Subscription Level (Tier)
4. Pay using PayPal.
Thats very it. You may check short video below with the example on how it can be done. Thank you!
p.s. Once you finish payment you may see an error message like this. Ignore it if you received your PayPal receipe.
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Jun 27 23:25
Большие Балансные Обновления
For subscribers only
Jun 20 23:51
Обновления из White Dwarf
For subscribers only
Jun 12 15:28
Daughters of Khaine, War Zone: Nachmund - Rift War
For subscribers only
Jun 05 22:48
Кодекс Chaos Knights, баттлтом Fyreslayer’ов
For subscribers only
May 29 23:56
Баттлтом Nighhaunt, карты в Amidst the Ashes

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