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Working on Wahapedia since 2013.
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Nov 27 16:49
Annual 2022 and Shadowvaults’ Kill Teams
Comrades! This week, I urgently added 4 kill teams:
📖 Kill Team Annual 2022:
📖 Kill Team: Shadowvaults:
Missions and new game modes from the respective books will be added later. Priority for the next two weeks is the Codex Astra Militarum!
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Nov 20 17:30
Sons of Behemat, Necron Armies of Renown
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Oct 30 21:14
Lumineth Realm-lords. Dynasty Crusade.
This week's updates:
⚔ Age of Sigmar ⚔
1. Lumineth Realm-lords - third edition battletome.
2. Galletian Reinforcements - AoS third edition rebalancing sheet.
⚔ 40k ⚔
1. Dynastic Crusade - additional crusade rules for the Necrons faction from the August issue of White Dwarf.
2. Also brought some order to the necros: added a glossary and a reference, added common stratagems to datasheets (for example, TECHNO-ORACULAR TARGETING).
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Oct 23 20:15
Leagues of Votann. Into the dark.
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Oct 09 23:48
Chaos Daemons Codex. Scaevola01.
Listen! Do you hear them? Voices... Whispering, threatening, promising. And this is nothing but the release of the new Chaos Demons Codex on the site!
Points cost have changed as usual, stats have improved, abilities and keywords have been reshuffled. The errata of the Imperial Armor compendium is also applied, but the daemonic legends are now completely outdated. So read, enjoy, and don't forget to thank those who share forbidden scans with me and make donations that the Adeptus Administratum denounce.
Thank you, my horned, clawed and fanged friends!
However, that's not all! For Discord server admins, I created a clone of the responder bot: Scaevola01. Let me remind you that my bot has not yet been verified since the beginning of the year, which limits its use to 250 servers. The support of the Discord does not respond to my threats, persuasions and exhortations, which means we will multiply by budding. Grab invite, quickly!
Thx for Chaos Daemon Codex!
You put Favoured Rewards part 4 times! i think it's a little mistake!
Hi. I see only one. Where do you see four of them exactly?
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김은재 (아기스), fixed. Thank you!
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Oct 02 21:59
What scan do I need?
Every time a new codex is released, my inbox is flooded with messages like: “I have a readable scan of the codex! Do you need it?". And my most likely answer would be: "No."
First, let's define terms:
Scan - a file, most often in pdf format, containing an image of the pages of a book scanned using a stationary scanner.
Photocopy - is a set of files, most often in jpg format (but can also be in pdf), containing the contents of a book photographed using a camera or smartphone. It can also be screenshots from a youtube video with an overview of the codex. Sometimes such photocopies are erroneously referred to as "scans" simply because they are in pdf format.
And now the main thing - I work with scans. Only with scans. I can take a photocopy to work as a rare exception if the amount of work is small (1-2 pages) and a full-fledged scan does not appear for a long time (for example, a limited model’s datasheet).
How do I use scan?
1) If the scan does not have a text layer (you cannot select the text with the mouse), I will recognize the text using OCR technology.
2) I copy the recognized text and paste it into the database. Next, the text is checked for recognition errors, formatting is added, and hyperlinks are placed.
3) Often I cut out some pictures from a scan to create icons and design text on the site.
Why is a photocopy not suitable?
Photographed pages are crooked, blurry in places and difficult to recognize with OCR. Sometimes there are glare due to which the text is not physically visible. Yes, part of the text can be recognized, but the time and effort spent on correcting errors and manual input is unreasonably large. Even if the text is “readable”, it will have to be input manually, and this is an order of magnitude longer, it is fraught with errors, not to mention the strain on the eyes with my far from ideal vision.
For example, here is a perfectly readable block of text:
After recognizing the description of the unit, I will get the following text:
l(this unit contains between 3 and 4 models, it has Power R.,|„, * p,.,, Rating 30. Even) model ts equipped with, Kastelan phospLrblaswr WEAPON RANGE TYPE Sap —----- ----1_____7 3 10 3+ ^cendinecombustOf. Kast(f|an fjst
Comments are unnecessary here.
Appeal to benefactor photographers
If you are the first to have the codex in your hands and want to make a photocopy… Don't. I beg you, don’t do it! This will be a disservice to the entire community. Why scan a book, crumple it, waste time cutting images if there is already a readable “scan” out there? It may happen that apart from your LQ photocopy, nothing else will appear on the network. This means that there will be no such book on Wahapedia.
How to speed up the appearance of the codex?
People often offer me help by taking screenshots of the GW application, or by manually retyping the rules from a photocopy. Unfortunately this won't help. I need a scan of the paper version of a codex with page numbers in order to navigate through the official GW errata, as well as respond to complaints about errors on the site looking at the source.
So the answer to this question is one - no way. Just give me a scan and wait 2-3 weeks.
Well, you can also subscribe to Boosty =)
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Sep 25 23:56
40k Roller
Dear friends! While I am working on the daemonic codex, I suggest you take a look at another interesting project based on Wahapedian export data.
40kroller is a BattleScribe Roster File Viewer and Game tracker. Upload your roster files and share with a friend. 40kroller will help you play your game by highlighting rules and abilities by the phase of the game you are in, and you and your opponent can share a scoreboard.
For more details, see the attached instructions from the developer.
p.s. For errors and principles of the site, please contact its developer. I am only responsible for export data.
QuickGuide.pdf1.28 MbDownload
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Sep 17 12:33
Open War and few more things...
Last predaemonic update. Go!
⚔ 40k ⚔
1) Added an Open Play card game for those who lack an element of randomness in Warhammer (although it would seem!). The mission generator is so random that you can even reshuffle any card!
2) At the request of the players, a complete list of cards in the game for Open War and Tempest of War has been added.
3) The Compendium FAQ has been applied, correcting the set of rules and keywords for the forge mines of CSM and Chaos Knights.
⚔ Kill Team ⚔
I didn’t do anything about Kill Team, but I answered the harlequin players many times. Guys, please read the balance dataslate! There shouldn't be a third bullet in the Saedath rule!
⚔ Age of Sigmar ⚔
Added a couple of Nethermaze warscrolls for the Blades of Khorne faction.
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Sep 10 00:54
Printable cards for 40k
Dear friends! Not everyone knows that Wahapedia has export data files. Even less knows what it is and why they are needed. Below is the answer.
It's no secret that Wahapedia, to put it mildly, is not particularly friendly to printers. However, this problem is solved by the game-datacards.eu web-site created on the basis of Wahapedia export data. The site allows you to create and edit cards of datasheets, stratagems, secondary objectives and bring them into a printable form. Cards can be shared and saved as a file. In addition to cards for 40k, the site supports basic cards and Necromunda.
Many thanks to the author - Shinobau! If you also do something useful based on export data files (and this is already a functional product) - contact me and I will add it to the site. For example, here is a section dedicated to game-datacards.
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Очень круто. Удобно иметь статы и правила в формате каточек, даже удобнее, чем в здоровенных тяжёлых кодексах. Кодексы -- для коллекции, карточки -- для игры)!
Это отличная новость, на сколько сложно и возможно ли, чтобы эти датакарты были на русском языке ?
Alexeyplagas, боюсь, что нет. Для этого надо переводить Вахапедию на русский, а это титанический труд. Подробнее я отвечал на этот вопрос тут: https://vk.com/@wahapedia-pochemu-vahapediya-nikogda-ne-budet-na-russkom
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Sep 05 23:21
"Contents" button, Necron filters, Scaevola update...

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