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Sep 25 23:56
40k Roller
Dear friends! While I am working on the daemonic codex, I suggest you take a look at another interesting project based on Wahapedian export data.
40kroller is a BattleScribe Roster File Viewer and Game tracker. Upload your roster files and share with a friend. 40kroller will help you play your game by highlighting rules and abilities by the phase of the game you are in, and you and your opponent can share a scoreboard.
For more details, see the attached instructions from the developer.
p.s. For errors and principles of the site, please contact its developer. I am only responsible for export data.
QuickGuide.pdf1.28 MbDownload
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Sep 17 12:33
Open War and few more things...
Last predaemonic update. Go!
⚔ 40k ⚔
1) Added an Open Play card game for those who lack an element of randomness in Warhammer (although it would seem!). The mission generator is so random that you can even reshuffle any card!
2) At the request of the players, a complete list of cards in the game for Open War and Tempest of War has been added.
3) The Compendium FAQ has been applied, correcting the set of rules and keywords for the forge mines of CSM and Chaos Knights.
⚔ Kill Team ⚔
I didn’t do anything about Kill Team, but I answered the harlequin players many times. Guys, please read the balance dataslate! There shouldn't be a third bullet in the Saedath rule!
⚔ Age of Sigmar ⚔
Added a couple of Nethermaze warscrolls for the Blades of Khorne faction.
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Sep 10 00:54
Printable cards for 40k
Dear friends! Not everyone knows that Wahapedia has export data files. Even less knows what it is and why they are needed. Below is the answer.
It's no secret that Wahapedia, to put it mildly, is not particularly friendly to printers. However, this problem is solved by the game-datacards.eu web-site created on the basis of Wahapedia export data. The site allows you to create and edit cards of datasheets, stratagems, secondary objectives and bring them into a printable form. Cards can be shared and saved as a file. In addition to cards for 40k, the site supports basic cards and Necromunda.
Many thanks to the author - Shinobau! If you also do something useful based on export data files (and this is already a functional product) - contact me and I will add it to the site. For example, here is a section dedicated to game-datacards.
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Очень круто. Удобно иметь статы и правила в формате каточек, даже удобнее, чем в здоровенных тяжёлых кодексах. Кодексы -- для коллекции, карточки -- для игры)!
Это отличная новость, на сколько сложно и возможно ли, чтобы эти датакарты были на русском языке ?
Alexeyplagas, боюсь, что нет. Для этого надо переводить Вахапедию на русский, а это титанический труд. Подробнее я отвечал на этот вопрос тут: https://vk.com/@wahapedia-pochemu-vahapediya-nikogda-ne-budet-na-russkom
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Sep 05 23:21
"Contents" button, Necron filters, Scaevola update...
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Aug 28 22:39
Tempest of War for two. Secondaries to go.
While the scanners are scanning the new daemonic codex, I am intensively working on the technical part of the site:
1) For Tempest of War, I implemented the ability to play together on one device (look for the corresponding checkbox on the page).
2) Added an export Secondaries.csv file with secondary objectives (factional + common) for all types of grand tournaments. I also expanded the Factions.csv table to include subfactions (see spec).
Спасибо за информацию, можно на русском языке дублировать ?
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Vyacheslav Maltsev, Понял спасибо.
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Aug 21 20:18
Warcry + AoS, Intercession Squad Kill Team
Here I am!
So, I'm back from vacation and already managed to:
1) Apply the CSM FAQ and fixed some errors / typos in 40k.
2) Add new warscrolls and even a couple of battleplans for AoS.
3) Add Intercession Squad for Kill Team.
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Aug 10 13:00
Pitched Battles ’2022-23 S1. Season of War:Thondia.
By this update, I close my Age of Sigmar debts:
I. General’s Handbook Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 1. New battlepack, 12 missions, Gallet region rules. I decided to put seasonal books onto separate pages by analogy with 40k.
II. Season of War: Thondia. This book also has been added to a separate page. Contains a bunch of battlepacks for all game types. There are also rules for the Thondia region and a hero generator for Path to Glory - The Anvil of Apotheosis: Ghur (I won't program it, don't ask). Krondspine incarnate was added to a separate page a long time ago, so it's not new.
III. By popular demand, I copied warscrolls for the Legion of the First Prince faction. It turned out quite a full-fledged demonic army.
🌴 Important announcement: Until August 21, I'm going on vacation. But not the kind of vacation that I spend on a new codex or site feature, but a normal vacation away from my PC. So, try not to miss me too much - I'll be there soon!
Have a nice vacation!
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Aug 03 00:28
Chaos Space Marines Codex!
- Well, sybarites, villains, blasphemers. Who want some fight today?
/Ezekiel Abaddon, 999.M41/
You've been waiting for this moment for nearly two years. You sharpened power axes, stuffed magazines of damned bolts, nurtured your hatred for the Corpse-on-the-Throne. It is time to unleash your fury on the 44" x 60" battlefield! Prove that you are worthy to bear the mark of the True God!
In addition to the CSM codex itself, the following has been added to the site:
• World Eaters Index from the June White Dwarf.
• Updated (suddenly!) Warhammer Legends (Chaos Space Marines)
So, what are you waiting for? To arms! For Khorne/Nurgle/Tzeentch/Slaanesh (underline as appropriate)!
Home page logo by DannyQ 👍
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Jul 17 16:04
Kill Team: Moroch boxset, Killzone Register
Astrologers proclaim the week of the Kill Team.
The amount of material for special forces has been increased
👻 Phobos Strike Team - 6 experienced genetically modified soldiers of the Imperium clad in power armor and armed to the finest weapons.
💉 Blooded - 14 Chaos hobos armed with rusty pipes called to stop the experienced genetically modified soldiers of the Imperium, clad in power armor and armed to the latest millennium.
🌄 Killzone: Moroch is a battlefield with the appropriate terrain and a set of 9 missions to sort things out at the squad level.
🌄 Killzone Register - and for dessert, the rules for the terrain from the latest White Dwarf. Thanks to comrade for the exclusive scan!
p.s. Work on the CSM codex is in progress, do not worry.
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Jul 11 00:50
Skaven + Sylvaneth
Well, friends. It can be stated that GW's attempt to ground Wahapedia failed miserably once again. All thanks to you! Huge, inhuman thank you! Keep supporting me and I won't disappoint you.
Problems are problems, but debts must be closed. Added to the site at an accelerated pace:
Skaven Battletome - Ratmen faction update. Soft and fluffy pedlars of the gifts of grandfather Nurgle. Like the rest of the factions, they received some new rules and a boost in characteristics.
Sylvaneth Battletome - tree dweller faction update. Sowing light and doing good has become a little easier (I didn’t notice a serious up of characteristics, it’s probably in the rules).
AoS and 40k GW rolled out a pack of codex/battletom FAQs to bring them in line with the balance sheets. I did it too.
Moroch is still in work, somewhere in the middle of next week I will finish it. However, Boosty subscribers can already use the new operatives through the links in Discord ;)
How does one access the chat in discord? I think I have boosty in Authorized apps but I figure is not recognizing me as ... well me
Weird. Never heard of such problem. Do you have one account? Same as you mentioned on boosty?
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