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Working on Wahapedia since 2013.
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Statistically, you will almost certainly die when assaulting a well-maintained fortress with a competent commander. You must strive to make your death useful.
 - Training Manual
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$ 2,02 per month
Give me a gun, a google-eyed alien to shoot it at, and I’ll die a happy man.
 - 13th Penal Legion's Guardsman Franx
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$ 4,1 per month
Emperor protects! He wants me to kill more!
 - Kurt Vagner, 37th Cadian Assault Regiment
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Victory is achieved through mettle.
Glory is achieved through metal.
 - Uttica 1st Tank Company motto
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Who told you to die? Keep fighting!
 - Commissar Otto Xavier
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Brute force not work? It because you not use enough of it!
- Karg, Ogryn Bone'ead
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