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Hiya! I'm Mystic! I make games and game mods!
Here you'll find WIP footage of my projects. Maybe I'll also post early versions of my drawings here, once I actually start putting time into art, hehe 😄
You can find my projects on itch.io - https://themysticsword.itch.io/
In my free time, I stream games on Twitch! Feel free to come by for a chat! https://www.twitch.tv/themysticsword
-- (the rest is the same, but in Russian)--
-- (а теперь то же самое, но по-русски) --
Привет! Я Мистик! Я делаю игры и моды для игр!
Здесь вы найдёте превью моих проектов. Возможно, я ещё буду постить здесь скетчики моих рисунков... ну, как только я всерьёз начну заниматься рисованием, хе-хе 😄
Вы можете найти мои проекты на itch.io - https://themysticsword.itch.io/
В свободное время я стримлю игры на Twitch! Не стесняйтесь заходить, поболтаем! https://www.twitch.tv/themysticsword
Пока что посты будут без переводов на русский. Если появится необходимость переводить будущие посты, напишите в комментариях!

Mechanism That Brings Disaster - v0.1 out now!

Hey all! New game incoming!
Mechanism That Brings Disaster is a top-down wave defense shooter where your objective is to protect the Revival Mechanism from increasingly more difficult waves of enemies, while crafting new weapons and enhancements between waves to keep up with the increasing difficulty!
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Working on a new RoR2 Mod!

Hey all! I'm working on yet another RoR2 mod! Guess I just can't escape this game, huh?...
Anyway, this time it's new elites! So far I have 3 of them done, 2 of which were actually Marwan's concepts. Let's go over them all!
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Мистик, хочу спросить вас. Когда продолжится разработка MegaQuest(Мода на Dicey Dungeons)? Мод уже давно не обновлялся!
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TheMysticSword, Да, я знаю!
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Virga Preview #1 - Bad Moon Rising

Hey all!
Earlier this week, I talked about my new RoR2 alternate gamemode mod. It will be called Virga. It is a rain-related name, if you are curious! It means "raindrops that evaporate before reaching the ground", where the modifiers represent the raindrops, and the evaporation represents the modifiers changing on each stage.
Currently, the gamemode includes 30 random modifiers that may appear on most stages, and one special modifier that is always active on Commencement - Bad Moon Rising! You will be met with a... somewhat harder final fight...
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New RoR2 Project... again.

Hi everyone!
I am once again making a RoR2 mod, despite wanting to get away from that game and move on to something else for, what, three years now? Well, anyway!
This will be a new Alternate Game Mode (not revealing the name yet), inspired by the Challenge Mode from Enter the Gungeon!
It introduces 3 random modifiers on each stage, and may activate unique modifiers on specific stages! (no promises about that last part though)
Now, I don't want to get too ambitious, but I'll probably be working on this until i get about 30 or 40 modifiers total in the pool, to make it a different experience on each run. Which is a lot! So I'll be working on this for a while! I'll try to keep y'all updated on this though.
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New RoR2 Mod - Extra Challenge Shrines

Hi all!
Marwan and I are working on another RoR2 mod! It's called Extra Challenge Shrines, and it will add new Shrine of the Mountain-like shrines that affect teleporter bosses and their rewards.
For example, the Shrine of the Sky...
...adds 2 red items to Teleporter drops, BUT...
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Making a mobile game!

Hey all! Haven't posted in a while, sorry.
For the past 2 weeks, as my college project, I've been making a mobile game called Clumsy Cat Kitchen - a fast-paced top-down action arcade. You know, one of these little time killers that you turn on when waiting in a line at a hospital or something.
Here's what it looks like:
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Mystic's Items 2.1 Update Preview

Hi there! Congrats on finishing the little puzzle thing! If you're here from that, of course. If not, then just don't worry about it.
Recently, we've reached the donation goal for the 10 new items update for the Risk of Rain 2 Mystic's Items mod, thanks to eM-Krow and Heyimnoop!
Marwan and I have made some good progress on it already, so I'm gonna show off some of the new stuff for y'all that has both a model and an effect already:
Don't you love losing in a Shrine of Scam 10 times in a row? No? Well, maybe you wanna be rewarded for that instead? Meet our re-imagining of the RoR1 Snake Eyes!
Credits to Riisi for creating the Kitty-ear Headphones model! I initially downloaded it and used it in my shitposty Mystic's Bad Items mod, but felt like the model was so good that it needed to be in a proper mod with a proper function. Plus, I just wanted to add a seriously good cat ear headphones item for ages lol
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