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Hiya! I'm Mystic!
I make game mods and sometimes participate in game jams! Here you'll find WIP footage of my projects. Maybe I'll also post early versions of my drawings here, once I actually start putting time into art, hehe 😄
You can check out my projects on itch.io - https://themysticsword.itch.io/
I've spent a lot of time making mods for Risk of Rain 2. If you like that game, please check them out as well! https://thunderstore.io/package/TheMysticSword/
In my free time, I stream games on Twitch! Although, I stream without a mic and a facecam 👉👈 Instead, I use a vtuber model and talk through chat messages. Still, feel free to come by for a chat! https://www.twitch.tv/themysticsword
(а теперь по-русски)
Привет! Я Мистик!
Я делаю моды для игр и иногда участвую в геймджемах! Здесь вы найдёте превью моих проектов. Возможно, я ещё буду постить здесь скетчики моих рисунков... ну, как только я всерьёз начну заниматься рисованием, хе-хе 😄
Вы можете найти мои проекты на itch.io - https://themysticsword.itch.io/
Долгое время я занимался созданием модов для Risk of Rain 2. Если вам нравится эта игра, то пожалуйста, чекните и их тоже! https://thunderstore.io/package/TheMysticSword/
В свободное время я стримлю игры на Twitch! Только вот, я стримлю без микрофона и вебки 👉👈 Вместо этого, я использую витюбер-модельку и общаюсь через чат. Но, всё равно, не стесняйтесь заходить, поболтаем! https://www.twitch.tv/themysticsword
Пока что посты будут без переводов на русский. Если появится необходимость переводить будущие посты, напишите в комментариях!
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Jul 05 16:28
Dicey Dungeons Witch drawing sketch
Hey all! Haven't posted here in a while!
I've started replaying Dicey Dungeons a couple of weeks ago, because I lost my savefile when moving PCs (yes, I know that cloud saves exist, but I always turn them off, since I have a bit of a history with cloud saves ruining my actual saves).
I had a particularly interesting Witch build that I hadn't ever done before, and it was surprisingly successful. Unfortunately, I forgot to screenshot of it, and forgot to download a VOD of the stream with that run, so the only things I remember from it are: 4 prepared slots, Illuminate, Magic Spear, Doppeldice, Magic Missile.
And I thought I'd make a drawing of the Witch with that build!
Maybe I'll finish it up at some point, maybe not. I know it's not even that impressive, but I just personally like it and want to share it with y'all.
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Jun 10 18:12
I'm an A Hat in Time modder now
Hey all!
I'm making an A Hat in Time mod now! It's gonna add a few new Badges (passive abilities/modifiers that you can swap out at any time), and it will be called "Mystic's Badg-" ok no I'm not calling it that lol. I'm trying to be more original with my project names now. It will be called "A Bag of Badges".
(developer art lol)
I had a few badge ideas from waaaaay back in September of 2021 that I came up with when I saw some pictures of Space Case's "A Badge in Time" fancomic (please check them out! https://twitter.com/Micr0softSpace/status/1434220475396149254) and Neypah_Tit's OC Starryfi, who is based off the Projectile Badge (here's one of fanarts of her https://twitter.com/MissVeemo/status/1429509586352971778). Really glad to be finally making these ideas a reality!
The first badge that I've just finished is the Zip Zap Badge, which replaces your dive ability with a blink dash. It sounds like a straight upgrade, but in reality it's mostly better in combat, and generally worse for... everything else, really. If you're after speed, you're better off using the Scooter Badge, or just diveboosting (by the way, Zip Zap disables diveboosting!)
Hoping to get the mod done, uhh... at some point this summer!
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May 27 23:06
RoR2 mod patches & coding mishaps!
Hi! I've updated 2 of my Risk of Rain 2 mods today, with these mods being BanditHPThresholdDisplay and Mystic's Items!
For those who don't know, BanditHPThresholdDisplay is a small QoL mod I made a while ago at the request of my friend, which showed an HP threshold bar above enemy healthbars that indicated when an enemy could be executed with Bandit's Lights Out and Desperado abilities, plus a red bar that was twice as long as the pink one for crit shots (which is extremely useful, since Bandit has innate backstab crits).
Now, the mod still has that functionality, but also shows a neat pink visual mark on enemies that can be executed at the moment, and a red mark on enemies that can be executed on a crit shot. All of this should make the Bandit's special feel more of a finisher and less of a guessing game of "will this kill the enemy or leave it with 5% HP?".
Oh, the update also fixed the issue where my threshold calculation formula didn't take enemy armor into account, so you'd often use the special too early on bosses. Whoops!
Now, let's talk about the Mystic's Items patch!
Did you know that Marwan's Ash was weaker than intended? Well, neither did I.
Initially, I set its damage to 6, but during testing it as the Commando with a Crowdfunder it turned out to be pretty OP, so I nerfed it to 2. But now it's apparent that it's too weak for other characters who don't have such a high fire rate, so I buffed it back in this patch.
Also, all RoR2 characters have their damage increased by 20% for each level. I completely screwed that part up while making this item, and accidentally made its damage increase by a mere 10%(!!!) per level. So, all of that added up to the item being super weak.
You can now deploy Siren Poles during Teleporter events! I initially made the item unusable during TP events in fear of breaking something if I triggered "on TP start/end" effects (such as Aurelionite spawning) during the event, but realized that I could just *not* trigger effects during a TP event while chatting in the modding Discord server. So, yeah, I guess explaining problems to others does help with finding solutions.
Vintage Microphone no longer knocks you back if you're a flying body.
You wouldn't normally think that it'd ever be a problem, but apparently you could get an Equipment Drone to fling itself into a wall and die from impact damage. I'd totally keep that in because it sounds funny, but losing an Equipment Drone always feels bad, so yeah, not doing that.
Guess who was wrong this whole time! Puzzle of Chronos's health regen never scaled with level! I was just stupid and assumed that it did!
Luckily, I figured that out while making the Mending ability for Aspect Abilities, so now everything works as it should. Please, do not blame the person who made RecalculateStatsAPI, it's all my fault lmao
And that's it for funny dumb modding stories! Thank you very much for reading <3 I'll probably write more of these when updating mods in the future.
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May 23 22:37
Bringing back Aspect Abilities
Hey all! Thank you very much for your support! A few days ago, we've reached the first donation goal, under the conditions of which I promised to fix my Aspect Abilities mod for Risk of Rain 2 as soon as I could!
Getting the mod back into working state took me a while, because I ran into some issues with my vanilla asset cloning system, which caused some serious bugs like the Glacial crystal being completely invisible and invincible, the Malachite urchins refusing to spawn and essentially removing camera control, and other things that made me go insane for a couple of days, as I had no idea why any of that could be happening. Then, I realized that my system sucked, and that Hopoo and R2API already had a better way of doing the things that I wanted to do, so I could finally continue making progress on the mod. Woo!
The mod is mostly working now. I just need to do a couple of test runs (we don't want a bug-riddled mod, do we), and take screenshots for the Survivors of the Void aspect abilities.
Speaking of SotV, here's a preview of the abilities of the new elites!
I've also made a few balance changes to the existing aspect abilities.
The update will go up at the end of this week. I hope you'll like it!
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