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This hobby blog was created for flight simulator enthusiasts and especially those who want to build their own home cockpit simulator based on our own RSC/SimVImX system and X-Plane flight simulator.
RSC/SimVImX is a powerful free single controller system that allows you to connect over 500 switches/buttons, about 1000 LEDs, dozens of displays and sensors - everything you need to create any complex panel for your home simulator.
Vlad / Roman
Привет всем! Этот хобби-блог создан для энтузиастов авиасимуляторов, тех, кто хочет построить свой собственный домашний симулятор кабины на основе моей системы RSC/SimVImX и симулятора X-Plane.
RSC/SimVImX - это мощный бесплатный интерфейс который позволяет подключить к одному котроллеру Mega2560 до 500 переключателей/кнопок, порядка 1000 светодиодов, десятки дисплеев и приборов — все, что вам нужно для создания панели любой сложностии для вашего домашнего симулятора.
Donations:  There are no paid levels of subscription, but anytime you want to show your appreciation, you can use the "Send tip" link (at the left side or under any post) to send  a small one-time donation with no obligations on my part.

Донаты: Здесь нет платных уровней подписки, платных услуг и продуктов.
то просто информационно-новостная страница.
В любое время  вы можете использовать ссылку
«Отправить Донат» для  мелких разовых донатов   (без каких-либо ответных обязательств с моей стороны).
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Aug 17 23:11
SimVimX plugin v2.19 and Firmware v.54
A new version of the plugin has been released, along with a firmware update for the master board and the LCD board. The master firmware will be updated automatically as long as you are using USB for connection, but the LCD firmware needs to be updated manually.
New is this version:
-  Added a new configured type for 20x4 LCD.
-  Improved electric trim functions - the corresponding plugin functions are used to enable/disable the trim encoder on the firmware side when the autopilot controls the trim, allowing free control of any other encoder while the trim wheel is rotated by a DC motor.
-  Fixed the bug with the LED Bar Graph indicator - if the N-position indicator was assigned to the outputs that started in the first register (or the first half of a DM13A LED driver) and ends in the next register (or driver half), and there were no other LEDs assigned after that indicator, it worked incorrectly, showing only the beginning part of the bar.
-  Added support for LCD bar graph. Now some of the variable parameters (such as engine RPM, Flaps or Trim position) can be assigned to LCD and displayed as continuous bar graphs of any given length (from 2 to 40).
-  7-segment displays built with DM13A or 74HC595 registers can now have more than 1 parameter assigned to them. Unlike other displays, offset is set from the left side for them.


- Encoder processing is improved (mainly for type 2 with both variants of its detents arrangement).
- Changes to LCD functions and the Trim encoder mentioned above.
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Available to everyone
Aug 12 14:51
Upcoming Updates / work in progress
Next week new updates will be released.

These updates planned to be released on August 8-10, but since we need to test
some features and maybe add something new, this has been pushed back
another week.
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Aug 12 11:41
Hello everyone!
I have closed my RSC Boosty blog with paid subscription levels, now this blog will be used for RSC/SimVimX news. It is intended for RSC/SimVImX project followers and does not have any paid tiers and paid services/products. Only the "Send Tip" button on the left side is available for unconditional donations.
Thank you!

В настоящий момент я закрыл свой RSC блог Boosty с платной подпиской, теперь этот блог будет использоваться для новостей проекта RSC/SimVimX.
Он предназначен для фолловеров и не имееет каких-либо платных уровней и платных услуг и продуктов. Только  кнопка «Отправить Донат» слева доступна для разовых безусловных донатов.
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Available to everyone
Aug 09 13:20
SimVimPanel v5.0
The latest SimVimPanel update is finished, which introduces major changes to the way panel modules are organized and how panel positioning and scaling are set up, as well as improving panel lighting controls.
Changes summary:
- Different module types with different functionality - for those who use SimVimPanel in their full cockpits with cover panels and instrument cutouts, and for those who want to use it as a virtual panel with full graphics (panel backgrounds, switch panels).
- One module file can now include multiple panel configurations / parts, with the ability to quickly switch between them.
- Instead of setting up precise monitor width, you can now simply adjust the scale of your panel with hotkeys at any time in the "setup" mode.
- Positioning mode for instrument-only panels displays reference outlines for easier positioning and scaling, and allows setting offset for individual instruments.
- Position and scale, as well as individual instrument offsets, are now automatically saved for each module individually.
All current panel modules need to be updated to make full use of the new features.
You can read more about the initial panel configuration here.
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