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Aug 09 13:20

SimVimPanel v5.0

The latest SimVimPanel update is finished, which introduces major changes to the way panel modules are organized and how panel positioning and scaling are set up, as well as improving panel lighting controls.
Changes summary:
- Different module types with different functionality - for those who use SimVimPanel in their full cockpits with cover panels and instrument cutouts, and for those who want to use it as a virtual panel with full graphics (panel backgrounds, switch panels).
- One module file can now include multiple panel configurations / parts, with the ability to quickly switch between them.
- Instead of setting up precise monitor width, you can now simply adjust the scale of your panel with hotkeys at any time in the "setup" mode.
- Positioning mode for instrument-only panels displays reference outlines for easier positioning and scaling, and allows setting offset for individual instruments.
- Position and scale, as well as individual instrument offsets, are now automatically saved for each module individually.
All current panel modules need to be updated to make full use of the new features.
You can read more about the initial panel configuration here.
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