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Aug 17 23:11

SimVimX plugin v2.19 and Firmware v.54

A new version of the plugin has been released, along with a firmware update for the master board and the LCD board. The master firmware will be updated automatically as long as you are using USB for connection, but the LCD firmware needs to be updated manually.
New is this version:
-  Added a new configured type for 20x4 LCD.
-  Improved electric trim functions - the corresponding plugin functions are used to enable/disable the trim encoder on the firmware side when the autopilot controls the trim, allowing free control of any other encoder while the trim wheel is rotated by a DC motor.
-  Fixed the bug with the LED Bar Graph indicator - if the N-position indicator was assigned to the outputs that started in the first register (or the first half of a DM13A LED driver) and ends in the next register (or driver half), and there were no other LEDs assigned after that indicator, it worked incorrectly, showing only the beginning part of the bar.
-  Added support for LCD bar graph. Now some of the variable parameters (such as engine RPM, Flaps or Trim position) can be assigned to LCD and displayed as continuous bar graphs of any given length (from 2 to 40).
-  7-segment displays built with DM13A or 74HC595 registers can now have more than 1 parameter assigned to them. Unlike other displays, offset is set from the left side for them.


- Encoder processing is improved (mainly for type 2 with both variants of its detents arrangement).
- Changes to LCD functions and the Trim encoder mentioned above.
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