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Warband Script Enhancer 2
Руслан Касимов
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  What is the Warband Script Enhancer 2?
It is game engine a compatible with any Mount & Blade Warband module.
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All Warband 1.174 features.
All WSE features.
Optimized and more efficient rendering, advanced graphic settings.
Sound Occlusion.
Ragdoll soak - blows is beaten on corpses and thus prevents an unintentional teamhits.
More informative logs for a dedicated server, autorestart feature, new console commands.
Flexible and convenient multi-tier configs system, all settings in one place.
Moved settings from module.ini and many new ones added.
Custom reassignable keys for modders.
New operations, triggers and many more.
Fixed some Warband's bugs.
Supports WFaS.  

Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.0.8.7)

-Removed 32 num samples cap for sounds.
-Added player_get_wse2_version operation.
-Refixed sf_always_send_via_network sound flag.
-Fixed cursor visibility for mbYesNoWindow.
-Added WSE version to xml server info.
-Added joined player's WSE2 version to dedicated server logs.  
Warning! With more than 32 samples per sound there will be an loading error in vanilla Warband engine.

Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.0.7.0)

-Added wse2 launcher.
-Restored shader compatibility.
-Restored hair materials.
-Added bLoadModuleIniOptions, bLimitHairColors config options.
-Warning messages requires enabled edit mode.
This major update brings back shader compatibility and allows WSE2 to run any modules out of the box.
This update does not need to be installed in a separate folder, just install it in your warband folder, warband and WSE2 can now work from one folder.
Also added launcher from Useful_Lesbian, which simplifies the launch of mods and has function of updating wse2.
Possible performance loss compared to the old WSE2 version is related to cpu skinning. Meshes with rigging requires material with skinning shader. Meshes without rigging requires material without skinning shader. Previously, WSE2 loaded the correct version of the shader, which was one of the reasons for the incompatibility. Now you need to take care of optimizing the mod yourself.
And now I have a lot of performance warnings. Nice.
language\en\ui.csv содержит дублирующие записи. Могу сам отредактировать и отправить тебе исправленный файл. WSE2 ругается когда одинаковые записи в одном файле находятся (либо в основном дистрибутиве - папке language\en\ui.csv, либо из папки в modules). Если ui.csv из модульки перезаписывает записи по умолчанию, то предупреждений не появляется.

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