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Warband Script Enhancer 2
Руслан Касимов
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  What is the Warband Script Enhancer 2?
It is game engine a compatible with any Mount & Blade Warband module.
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All Warband 1.174 features.
All WSE features.
Optimized and more efficient rendering, advanced graphic settings.
Sound Occlusion.
Ragdoll soak - blows is beaten on corpses and thus prevents an unintentional teamhits.
More informative logs for a dedicated server, autorestart feature, new console commands.
Flexible and convenient multi-tier configs system, all settings in one place.
Moved settings from module.ini and many new ones added.
Custom reassignable keys for modders.
New operations, triggers and many more.
Fixed some Warband's bugs.
Supports WFaS.  
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