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The golden ratio in photo: use the rectangle or the golden spiral

The golden ratio in photo: use the rectangle or the golden spiral
If you've explored the blog a little and you're interested in composing your photos, you've probably heard of the rule of thirds. Well, you know what? There is still better!
In general, when we discover the rule of thirds when starting photography, it revolutionizes our vision of the world, of images a bit and we end up discovering that we have spent our life focusing on the subject, and that is what gave images that lack dynamism (even if we saw that it was not an absolute rule at all, just a guide).
Well today, I'm going to talk to you about a principle of composition that looks a bit like it, but that has even more force.
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The golden ratio is a ratio of 1:1.618 that has been found in nature and throughout the arts. It has been used in architecture, painting, sculpture, music, and more. If you use the golden ratio in your photography, you will create a beautiful image that is aesthetically pleasing. The golden spiral is another way to use the golden ratio. If you use the golden spiral, you will create a beautiful image that is aesthetically pleasing. For best content editing service visit https://www.assignmentgeek.com.au/editing-services/ now because it is one of the best site for help in essays.


Have you ever wondered how big the Scanning Lens industry is? The growing market demand for Scanning Lenses and new technologies are changing the Electronics industry. Are you warned? Digitization is the new buzzword that affects all aspects of our lives: How can it be that the Electronics industries are not affected?
The List of Competitors In The Scanning Lenses Market Report:
Thorlabs Inc, Edmund Optics, SCANLAB GmbH, Wavelength Opto-Electronic Pte Ltd (WOE), Optart Corporation, Stemmer Imaging GmbH, Shenzhen Dongzheng Optical Technology (DZOptics), GuangZhou Chiopt Optotech, Giai Photonics Co. Ltd
Based on the product, this report shows the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, mainly divided into
Another telecentric guy
According to end users / applications, this report is dedicated to the status and information of the top applications / end users, consumption (revenue), market share and growth rates of each application, including YAG Laser and CO2 Laser.
Positive growth is expected for the global Electronics industry, as large Electronics companies are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. Global Scanning Lenses market status and position (2021-2030) in the world and in key regions with prospects for manufacturers, regions, product types and end industries; This report analyzes the top companies in major and international regions and divides the Scanning lens market by product type and end uses / industries.
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CCNA Certification Updates

Cisco is adjusting its Cisco Network Engineer Certification (CCNA) Routing and Switching Certification, which will pay more attention to Software Defined Networks, Network-based Analysis and Network Function Virtualization.
Tejas Vashi, Senior Director of Cisco Product Strategy and Marketing, said CCNA Updates reflect the development of the network and the shift in the role of network administrators. "Our CCNA Routing and Switching Certification is undergoing significant updates to align with changes in the content of the work."
Administrators are moving from Device-centered Networks to Software and Automation Driven Networks.
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How Can I register after Passing the CCNP Exam?

As long as the certifier passes the CCNP exam, they will immediately get the test score report.
But if you need to obtain a certificate, you must register again. Within 10 days of passing the exam, you need to log in your personal information in the candidate's personal tracking system on the Cisco official website.
Under normal circumstances, two to three days after you pass the exam, Cisco's candidate tracking system will record the candidate's exam information, so freshmen may wish to log in to this system to check and register at this time.
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New Cisco certifications with new CCNA (200-301)

From February 24 of next year (02/24/2020), the new Cisco certifications will now be presented in 4 skill levels (CCNA, Specialist, CCNP and CCIE) in 6 specialty areas (Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration, Data Center, DevNet). In general, each level can be obtained by passing only one additional exam. There is no longer any prerequisite for passing these exams, they are all directly accessible.
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