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Evgeny Hontor
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I will have more opportunities to do big creative projects, not just full-time creative work. Maybe I can write a book.
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On the artbook of Walton Ford, one of my favorite artists. Artists' books inspire me a lot, but now it's a luxury that I can't afford for nothing.

About the creator

Hi everyone!
I am an artist and sculptor from Russia. I have been drawing since childhood and have been sculpting since 2006.
I like fantasy and science fiction, wildlife and space. I am a crazy fan of xenomorphs, but my attitude towards them is different from the generally accepted one.
In 2022, due to tragic events, my Etsy shop was closed, like all other shops from Russia. I accept it, but I need to move on and build my world anew.
I don't know if this blog will be my new home, or just a temporary home. But I am grateful to everyone who is ready to support me in this difficult time.
All my subscribers will regularly receive exclusive content. Secrets of painting and sculpture, digital files (tutorials, patterns), digital coloring, high quality art for self-printing.
The minimum subscription price is 150 rubles (about two US dollars). But I would be pleased if you increase the subscription price. This will give me more room to be creative.
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Workshop photos

I've been preparing for the festival all this week, but for some reason it didn't work out very well. These are photos from my workshop, work processes.
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Blue Phoenix

This was my first time trying to make a phoenix in these blue colors. This is an ice crystal phoenix. A little cosmic and a little nocturnal.
Tomorrow he’s going to the festival, but if suddenly someone has been wanting a blue phoenix for a long time, then you can buy it, it costs $350 (including shipping).
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Two wolves for Alyssa
Post is available after purchase

In my workshop

I finished a few figurines today and started painting something big :)
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I’d like to reserve the kitty (kidding) ❤️
Caitlin Wilson, Hahaha! This cat is too big and cheeky to be mailed :)
“Started painting something big”
then you show photos of your kitty (who is very cute by the way)
One can only assume you’ll be painting your cat o: /lh /j
Sennyra, Haha, no, I meant the blue phoenix.
But yes, it's funny!
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payment sent :)

Lioness, cats and other creatures for sale

Few new animals for sale. Maybe you'll like some of them. Now this will help me a lot. I give fair warning that there may be delays in shipping, but I will try to do it as quickly as possible. I'm still a little sick and we're having some logistical difficulties right now.
I would like to remind you of the general rules:
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I will take the cat skull if it's still available!
D S, yes! Done:) https://boosty.to/evgenyhontor/posts/db25e5fa-e39b-4967-8aa2-75f24bc2de6a
I would still like to purchase the two eclipse moon wolves from your December post!
Alyssa Cook, Sorry, I really missed your comments. Here's a payment post for you!

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