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I will have more opportunities to do big creative projects, not just full-time creative work. Maybe I can write a book.
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On the artbook of Walton Ford, one of my favorite artists. Artists' books inspire me a lot, but now it's a luxury that I can't afford for nothing.
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May 03 2022 07:42

What to do if you have problems with payment?

Unfortunately, this is the only way to accept payments here in Russia. And it doesn't always work without problems. What should I do if the payment for a subscription or a post does not go through?
1. Try to copy the link to another browser or open it on another device.
Sometimes this solves all problems at once. Sometimes problems may be due to the language of the site, please switch to English in advance.
2. Check that the correct card payment method is selected. Make sure your bank card is connected to 3D secure. If not, please try another card or another available payment method.
3. Sometimes the payment goes through once, and then the problems begin. Try to link the same card or paypal again.
4. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Then you can ask friends or acquaintances to make a payment, and return the money to them in a way convenient for you. Please note that a subscription can be bought as a gift to another user :) To do this, click on the gift box icon next to "Subscription Levels".
I need help with payment. I messaged you on Facebook
Stephanie Minneti, unfortunately I don't have any other recipes and tips other than those listed here. Also, I do not correspond in social networks and instant messengers, this is inconvenient. For specific questions, you can email me.
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