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I will have more opportunities to do big creative projects, not just full-time creative work. Maybe I can write a book.
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On the artbook of Walton Ford, one of my favorite artists. Artists' books inspire me a lot, but now it's a luxury that I can't afford for nothing.
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Apr 30 2022 14:24


Now I'm using tags for navigation. It is very comfortable!
You can select multiple tags at the same time. And here I have collected direct links to the main sections of my blog for your convenience.
What you can buy right now: figurines, tutorials, art, etc., if it is not included in the subscription price.
Figurines of animals, dragons and other creatures. Small sculptures.
Complicated and/or especially important sculptures for me. I made such a separation so that they are not lost in the general stream.
Art. Not only do I sculpt, I also draw a lot. For my paid subscribers, all drawings are available in high quality for printing.
Coloring pages and linearts are highlighted in a separate category.
Articles, art and sculptures related to my author's universe, the Created Worlds.
Everything related to the world of Aliens. I have loved xenomorphs since childhood, and now this is an important part of my life.
Articles, stories and other texts. For those who like not only to watch, but also to read.
Tutorials. Secrets of my work and so on. Most of the tutorials are available with a paid subscription.
A separate section with work in progress, photos of the workshop and other creative search.
Patterns. I also do some stuffed felt stuffed toy.
Soft toys sewn according to my patterns.
I hope this post is helpful and helps you navigate my blog!
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