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I'm not a teacher, but I enjoy sharing knowledge with others. On this blog, you can find materials for self-studying the Russian language.
Честность по-русски [Short sketch + subs and explanations]
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My First 100 Russian Words
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10 Essential Russian Words to Sound Fluent

There are some colloquial words commonly used in everyday conversations among Russian speakers. While these words are not exactly slang, they are also not typically used in their original sense, functioning instead as mere fillers.
It's important to know them because if you listen to everyday Russian speech, you will encounter them all the time.
1. НУ (well, so, now)
It's a tricky one. Cause we use it all the time. 
And it doesn't really mean a specific thing! For example:
Я так не думаю. - I don't think so.
Ну, я так не думаю. - Well, I don't think so. 
The first sentence sounds more definitive, while the second may indicate that the person is less certain, but not always. It depends on the intonation of the speaker.
So yeah, you never know when to use it.
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Страдать фигнёй... What does it mean?

In Russian, like in any other language, there are expressions that sound quite strange and cannot be understood literally. One such expression is 'страдать фигней/хернёй' (informal).
In fact, it is equivalent to 'дурью маяться' - to idle. 'Страдать' and 'маяться' can be translated as 'to suffer' in English. Interestingly, in Russian, idlers are associated with suffering. Another similar expression is 'маяться от безделья' (to suffer from idleness).
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Russian Nouns in Context: СОБЫТИЕ

Here are some common adjectives that can be used with the word "событие":
радостное событие - happy event
яркое событие - outstanding event
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50+ Phrases for Talking About Yourself in Russian
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Quick Reading: How to fight procrastination

Прокрастинация — это частая проблема, с которой сталкиваются многие из нас. Откладывание дел на потом приводит к бесконечному срыву дедлайнов и, как следствие, огромной потери времени.
откла́дывать на пото́м - to put off until later  
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