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BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova
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I can translate my patterns much faster with your help♥

About the creator

Hey there, nice to see you here!
My patterns in English are available on this Boosty page from now (it is the only platform I use to sell my eng patterns).
Please be adviced to use your PC or PC-version on your phone to make a purchase. If you're not succeed in paying by the bank card, please try another payment method (PayPal works for sure). 
AFTER PAYMENT see again the post you've paid - there's the file with pattern, just tap the download button to get it.
A bit of navigation info:
• all posts provided with tags, so you can find patterns and any other content ticking them in all tags section bellow; 
about me post
• questions & help post or message me
*ПОСЛЕ ОПЛАТЫ вернитесь к купленному посту, теперь файл мастер-класса доступен Вам, просто нажмите кнопку "скачать".
Все мастер-классы на русском языке можно приобрести также на моем официальном сайте: lavkabulavka.com
A little lifehack for very BulavkaCrochet lovers:
-> you can purchase any pattern in Russian and follow it just using translator!
Step-by-step photos and videos are also in most of patterns (you can precise it before the payment)
Hope we all can have fun here and make it more then just customer-seller service platform. Mostly it will be about my patterns, often about creating of items and sometimes about my lifestyle and others. 
Boosty is a donate service*, so you can support me at any time and I'll appreciate it ♥
NOTION: there's no refund option, because of patterns are digital product available to download right after the payment.
ВАЖНО: возврат оплаты за покупку мастер-класса/ов невозможен, тк это электронный товар, доступный к скачиванию сразу же после покупки.
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