BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova
BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova
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I can translate my patterns much faster with your help♥
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Apr 03 2022 18:31


I'm a crocheter with a dream of being inspiring crochet designer for people from all over the world. I live at the seashore in the city of Sochi.
I've been crocheting since my childhood and creating trendy designs for more than 9 years now. My contribution includes more than 80 patterns in Russian and my students made more than 5000 crochet items following these ones. I create collections of crocheted tops, bags, hats and other accessories. I enjoy working with different materials: wool, cotton cords and rayon raffia. Textures and colors always inspire me on something new.
I'm very happy to share my passion to modern and trendy crochet with you and I'd really appreciate if you enjoy crocheting with me ♥
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