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BulavkaCrochet by Anastasia Asanova
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May 21 2022 19:41

#ASK_ME | Questions & Help

Please feel free to ask me here, in commets to this post, any questions about my patterns, crocheting in general or whatever you want to know from me. 
Hi, I need your help with Meditation Bag PATTERN. Could you please help tell me which knit number# were you using in this bag ?
Sapphawat Sumethnapis, explain me, please, what do you exactly mean saying "knit number", because this bag made with motifs, and if you ask about motif itself, it starts with 3ch circle (check the 2nd video in tg channel)
hello , I would like to buy the Island bag pattern in English , I didn't find it in Boosty. Thank you, Stefania
Stefania Fiegl, pattern available only in Rus now, but it's supplemented with step-by-step photos and videos (also in Rus), and you can use translator for text.
Here's the pattern post: 
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