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Doll artist. Needle felting
Anna Potapova
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Hello all.
I create dolls from wool (needle felt) and have been teaching this art for many years. My video tutorials used to be sold on Etsy. It was a great platform that allowed me to find disciples. I devoted all my time to what I love. The situation has changed, but I still want to continue making video tutorials, and my students want to continue watching them. That's why I'm here. I hope we all succeed! 
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Thank you!


She knows everything about life on the edge of the Forest, knows the properties of plants and herbs, her grimoire contains hundreds of recipes for proven healing potions, and she also knows how to handle a magical forest ball and illuminate houses in the evenings...
(wool, silk, viscose, handmade eyes)
born in 2023  
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Happy New Year!

Congratulations to all my friends and subscribers! May the new year 2024 bring peace and harmony to all homes, give people health and strength, let it be bright and kind! Happy New Year!

Witch Marusya

wool, silk, viscose,
natural materials, eyes - handmade
Born in autumn 2023
43 cm
Her day is Lughnasadh. It's harvest time. The end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Marusya knows everything about the first harvest, about ripe apples, the warm sun and the joy of life...
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she is exquisite Anna i love her . i hope you are well,

Witch Lada

Now, however, is not her time, her day is Ostara, it is at the beginning of spring, when the birds arrive... She knows everything about the first thawed patches, about rooks and pussy willows... She knows how to drive snowdrops out of the ground, and in her pot pumpkin seedlings
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I am watching your doll making videos now and really enjoying them. Your technique just makes sense to me.
Thank you very much for the purchase! I am very glad that my work is beneficial 🙂
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She is so beautiful!
Thank you, Donna 🥰
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