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Go 10! +Andtor Tactics

Finally! A button with the number 10 on it has appeared on the site! Not all the features have been implemented yet, but the most are here: matched play points in datasheet, dark theme, adaptive design, base sizes. There are only two factions, and the only rules are Core Rules. But don’t worry, everything will be done soon!
As for the voting results... [drum roll]... the overall winner is CSM! If you look at each section separately, the winners in each of them are:
🏆 CHAOS: Chaos Space Marines
🏆 SPACE MARINES: Blood Angels
🏆 XENOS: Necrons
🏆 IMPERIUM: Astra Militarum
These factions have been put to work - expect them next weekend. As for the rest, you can start voting! The votes have been reset to boost interest 😎
Special thanks to:
💪 My son Alexander - for his titanic help in working on the site!
⚒️ Shinobau - for parsing 10th ed indexes. By the way, he is the author of the game-datacards.eu - use it if you need your datasheets printed.
The other day a large FAQ + Andtor Tactics battlescroll was released. Already on the site!
Thanks! Tyranids only has the index, will it be updated with the codex rules?
Tim Kovacs, sure! In a week or two.
Vyacheslav Maltsev, youre a legend!
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