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Subscription Price Update $$$

My dear beloved subscribers, I wish it's not, but the time has come. Subscription prices has to be brought to the current ruble-dollar exchange rate changes (+80% so far...). If you can't handle this for now, you can go level down for a time being. But you - Conscripts - have a harder choice. You, guys, will have to make an existential decision. To Be Or Not To Be!
How it's gonna move on for all of us:
💰 January 1, 2024 - you receive a notification about the price change.
💰 Accept the new price or postpone the decision (cancel the subscription).
💰 If you cancel your subscription, your current subscription would be still in place! Take your time to decide till the next subscription period.
💰 Current subscription prices are available till Jan,1, 2024 . Hurry up!
I believe you will support and understand. Don't forget to check breaking news this week lately - you will love new comings 🎁🎁🎁
i resubbed mate, you're doing great work! Can I get my new pin to disable ads please? thanks!
please readd paypal or mastercard as payment options. i want to donate. but the restrictions on payment method are terribly limiting.
Andrew Weber, unfortunately PayPal can’t be used right now. Boosty promises to fix it, but not much of a hope. But credit cards can be used AFAIK.

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