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Printable cards for 40k

Dear friends! Not everyone knows that Wahapedia has export data files. Even less knows what it is and why they are needed. Below is the answer.
It's no secret that Wahapedia, to put it mildly, is not particularly friendly to printers. However, this problem is solved by the game-datacards.eu web-site created on the basis of Wahapedia export data. The site allows you to create and edit cards of datasheets, stratagems, secondary objectives and bring them into a printable form. Cards can be shared and saved as a file. In addition to cards for 40k, the site supports basic cards and Necromunda.
Many thanks to the author - Shinobau! If you also do something useful based on export data files (and this is already a functional product) - contact me and I will add it to the site. For example, here is a section dedicated to game-datacards.
Hello Master, Would you be so kind make a step by step document about "how can a technical anti-talent make secondary mission cars" :)
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Vyacheslav Maltsev, :) I think you can't understand the meaning Antitalent :)
0. How can i import the data. The site support only .JSON format?
-1. How can i export the data from Waha?
Vyacheslav Maltsev, Problem solved. You won two Guardsman :) Keep it up :)
Очень круто. Удобно иметь статы и правила в формате каточек, даже удобнее, чем в здоровенных тяжёлых кодексах. Кодексы -- для коллекции, карточки -- для игры)!
Это отличная новость, на сколько сложно и возможно ли, чтобы эти датакарты были на русском языке ?
Alexeyplagas, боюсь, что нет. Для этого надо переводить Вахапедию на русский, а это титанический труд. Подробнее я отвечал на этот вопрос тут: https://vk.com/@wahapedia-pochemu-vahapediya-nikogda-ne-budet-na-russkom

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