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Dmitriy Beresnev

Digital sculptor, 3D modeler
Dmitriy Beresnev
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I’m going to use this for commissions.

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3D models for CNC and 3D printing.

Troubadour bust

Photo of the installed bust. The bust was digitally sculpted by Dmitriy Beresnev, and cast in bronze.
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Griboedov, 3D bas-relief

This bas-relief portrait of A.S. Griboedov was digitally sculpted on the basis of a 19th century oil painting.

Badge of the St. George's Society of Banner Bearers.

I sculpted this badge as a copy of an authentic one from the early 20th century.
A series of badges were then cast by the manufacturer. At the same time, the historical prototype of the badge was made by coining. Therefore, the remake unfortunately has somewhat less detail. Below you can see the new badge and 3D model.
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Student Success Center

Architectural decor for the University of Arkansas Student Success Center. Cartouche, Foliated panels, Piers, etc. All the pieces were 3D modeled, and then carved out of limestone using a 7-axis robot. At the end the reliefs were finalized with hand tool. More images, and photos of the completed building of the Success Center are available on my website: https://veres3d.com/student-success-center/
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