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Dmitriy Beresnev
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I’m going to use this for commissions.

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3D models for CNC and 3D printing.
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Jul 08 10:56
Академик Губкин, 3D барельеф
3D барельеф портрет академика И.М. Губкина. Делался для медали, немного в другой компоновке. Здесь публикую авторский вариант рендера.
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Jun 15 16:51
Colonettes for The Lincoln Building
These architectural decor pieces were 3D modeled for One Union Square West building restoration in New York City. Colonettes were manufactured out of limestone with 7-axis robot, and finished by hand tool. A photo of the building after restoration is available on my website: https://veres3d.com/lincoln-building/
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Apr 29 14:11
3D sculpture of man
This digital figure sculpture was created from photos. 3D model was splitted into parts, 3D printed, then molded and cast in bronze.
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Mar 21 19:19
Portrait busts. Large bronze, and mini in plastic.
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