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Sergey P. (ThirteenAG)

I make mods and fixes for classic and modern games
Sergey P. (ThirteenAG)

About the creator

I've been working on various projects like Widescreen Fixes Pack, Ultimate ASI Loader, Fusion Fix, Project2DFX mod, and more. If you've found my work helpful or useful, consider showing your support by making a donation. It's a way to say thank you and help me continue creating and improving gaming experiences.
Check out my GitHub: https://github.com/ThirteenAG
1) Will there be any paid content (exclusive projects, mods, files)?
- No. Everything I do will be free and accessible for everyone.
2) Can I expect more progress on project X or make a request by donating?
- Not really, currently it's not possible for me to predict what I am going to do next, or when, so donations don't offer any benefits.
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Resident Evil 5 Fusion Fix

Here's a little plugin to fix see through walls issue in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition in split screen coop.
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