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Nightmare moon plushie + model fixes for Luna
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The pot 1. For one time intermediate donations and whatnot.
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Luna halloween props: -Sofa -Nightmare moon statue redo -Lunar Throne
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July 2023 Emergency fund
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Shinichi R&C model rigging for secondlife
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Lazarus fully rigged and animated mobian muzzle kit
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Consulting on a card game project
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GW2 Ashura skin for sl
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Rabblerouser two sets of anthro legs and garments for them
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Mobius Starchaser Car for Royale
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Body rerig for knight
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Mar 01 10:32

State of affairs on march 2023

Commissions, commissions and more commissions. 
The most annoying one from the late ones been port of a dress between bodies. Which turned out to also be a bakedown and reduction 
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