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Aug 21 2022 23:46

A lot of grind later.

So yeah, i've been stuck grinding 3d commissions for the past several months. However, one project I did get started on was second remake twinsen's house from little big adventure 2. Original:
This is actually second time I remaking it. First time was 10 year ago, back when I was just screwing around. It is very subpar to say the least. And i only spent 7-9 hours on that one. I'm 24+ hours in on this one. 
This is the 10 year-ago attempt btw:
Why am i doing it second time? Well quite simple - I wanted to see just how much I improved/slowed down over the years. Results so far are inconclusive. But remake sure looks nearly identical to the original. Should be done sooner than later anyway.
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