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UNSC-themed space corvette for Royale
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GW2 Ashura skin for sl
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Body rerig for knight
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Laser schythe for Tiger Twista
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Retro bus for Royale
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Sonic Battle buildings for royale

Regarding the shmup

Before all this activity happened I've been sitting making a shmup.
Got sidetracked to porting this https://probabletrain.itch.io/city-generator
to unity 3d native so I can permutate it in-situ.
Tl;dr after a lot of screwing around it got back to the point it was where i started and then some. By that i mean i had to export to STL and then spend an hour or so in blender + in unity unwrapping the whole damn thing. Now - it's doing everything in editor. 
If you recognize this, first of all - good digging skills, and second - yes this is mazinger z shmup color palette 

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