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Smoke Fumus
622.58 of $ 1 341 money raised
The pot 1. For one time intermediate donations and whatnot.
0 of $ 309 money raised
UNSC-themed space corvette for Royale
143.78 of $ 143 money raised
GW2 Ashura skin for sl
728 of $ 491 money raised
Rabblerouser two sets of anthro legs and garments for them
246.19 of $ 245 money raised
Mobius Starchaser Car for Royale
67.89 of $ 55 money raised
Body rerig for knight
60.47 of $ 53 money raised
Laser schythe for Tiger Twista
181.04 of $ 179 money raised
Retro bus for Royale
123.16 of $ 123 money raised
Sonic Battle buildings for royale

About the creator

Generalist gamedev including code, shaders, 3d modelling, texturing, soundwork, music, level design, etc. 

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