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When I get 500+ subscribers, I'll make pix2d opensource

New big update 3.0.2

Pix2d_3.0.2_win_x64.zip38.27 MbDownload
it has more than 33 bug fixes and stability improvements, including:
- AI object selection tool
- Fixed layer effects
- Session save and restore functionality
- Layers and frames drag and drop
- Portable app, no installation required (except you still need NET 7 to be installed on your machine https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/7.0 )
I need your help in testing this version, to find missed bugs, so we can return to the new features implementation.
This is fully functional version without watermark and other paywall stuff, so you can use it to export your existent art made with pix2d free (Microsoft store or android version)

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