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Igor Gritsenko
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About the creator

Hello I'm Igor and I'm author of Pix2d (Pixel Art Studio)

Версия 3.1.3

Обновили браузерную версию до 3.1.3
Теперь работает загрузка и сохранение проектов, экспорт, а так же сохранение настроек палитры и загрузка при повторном заходе.
Копирование и вставка работает только с областями внутри приложения, но мы работаем над поддержкой системного буффера
Попробовать тут: https://pix2d.com/online/
Так же последние версии для windows и linux доступны для скачивания 
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New big update 3.0.2

Pix2d_3.0.2_win_x64.zip38.27 MbDownload
it has more than 33 bug fixes and stability improvements, including:
- AI object selection tool
- Fixed layer effects
- Session save and restore functionality
- Layers and frames drag and drop
- Portable app, no installation required (except you still need NET 7 to be installed on your machine https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/7.0 )
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Pix2d 2023-02-18 update. AI Object selection tool

Pix2d-2023-02-18.zip23.80 MbDownload
In this version: 
- layer selection bug fixed
- added tooltips with shortcut for tool and clipboard buttons
- added new Object Selection tool that allows to extract object from picture
- implemented copy/cut/paste functionality on windows
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Pix2d update

pix2d-2022-12-29.zip15.69 MbDownload
Added animation frames reordering and some UI improvements.
Fixed image preview scale issue on Export dialog 

Started page on Boosty.to

I had try to have page on patreon, but I didn't like it at all. So I deleted account from there. Now I found this site and it looks pretty nice. So I give it a try I think.

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