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A server compatible with AOL, AIM, ICQ, & MSN/WLM
NINA and Escargot
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This will allow us to finish quickly and get a fully functional ICQ and AIM server up and running for the world to use!

About the creator

Our pre-alpha has launched and we're moving at a fast pace, but we definitely need more support.

This week in updates: chat updates, keywords, and other fixes!

Hello buddies,
We meant it when we said there'd be at least weekly updates. This last week was a lot of building out backend features to improve stability and make it easier to build other client features, so not a lot to show off this week, but still worth talking about.
* AOL: Added ability to ignore people in chat rooms, double click their screenname for options
* AOL: Favorite button now appears on chat window for easy saving/sharing of rooms
* AOL: Initial keyword requests supported, currently few keywords but more will be added fairly often
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AOL 4.0 now available for alpha users!

We're happy to announce that our server now is compatible with AOL 4.0, the real deal, not a copy or "emulation", and it's now available to our beautiful supporters in tiers with alpha access. In all of it's glory, it's here; there's IMs, chat rooms, and more and more coming soon with regular updates.
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Updates in the last week

* Connection count now shown on the NINA web site
* Mobile clients now marked with icon on supported clients (including the iOS/Android apps!)
* Improved support for original native Linux AIM client
* ICQ 7 and 8 work, patch will be available soon
* Member directory for newer versions of AIM and ICQ completed and functional
* Implemented AIM directory/profile search and create/update
* Buddy search and profile on AIM completed
* Original aim:translate:url_here or aim:translate?url=url_here works again in old clients for the first time since the late 90s, simply forwards to Google translate for now
* "Sign-On a Friend" invitation feature in AIM now working; emails will be sent out periodically due to our current outbound email limitations -- for now it's faster to tell your friends directly
* AIM profile update lag fixed (reported by nick99nack)
* Away and idle time lag fixed
* Fixed search results on ICQ 6
* Fixed obscure ICQ login issues
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Lots of updates and more to come!
Lots of updates to our ICQ and AIM server, full support of ICQ 2000 through 6 with directory currently available, with ICQ 7+ coming soon!
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AIM apps -- now working

Hey hey hey, I know a lot of you care about apps, and AIM, and boy have we got news for you!
All the official AIM apps are confirmed to be working, right now, on NINA. iOS and Android!
And hey, the last version of AIM works even on modern iPhones (albeit with some bugs, like not being able to handle the full screen), but it works. It's awesome.
On Android it works too, take a look at some of these screenshots!
We're working really hard on everything, right now we're the only ones that have the apps working, AIM Express works too (even on a PS3!), and we support all three major ways to connect to our AIM Network (OSCAR, TOC, WIM), and it's only gonna get better from here.
We're also working on full ICQ support, including directory, and much more.
Escargot isn't being let down either, we're working hard behind the scenes. Stay tuned! :)
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What's coming soon?

We're working on a lot of things related to AIM and ICQ.
These updates will come all at once because they all depend on each other. Fun!
Regarding AIM we have a lot of stuff coming up. Fixes to presence are coming soon which hopefully will fix all those deadlocks we're having.
Another way more fun feature is WebAPI/WIM. WIM was another way for clients to connect to the AIM network, like TOC was. However, it's way easier to use, because it's all HTTP based!
What clients used WebAPI? AIM Express -- the Flash version - used it. Oh, and the mobile apps! iOS and Android apps, for instance, use it. Will they work now, then? Maybe!
WebAPI is also very cool because you will be able to have lil widgets that you can put on your website that show if you're online. And in the future, people will be able to IM you (anonymously) right from your website (if you so choose to do that, of course!)
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Can't wait to fill out my profile via QIP! BeamingFace

TOC2 is out! Wooooo!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! TOC2 experimental support is out now, but only available to donors and subscribers!
Oh and, y'know... http://legacy.nina.chat/
AIM Express and QuickBuddy are available for you people on old browsers. I'm on AIM Express right now ;) 
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!
TOC2 support might be available around Christmas, it's currently a work in progress and there are more details to come very soon!
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AOL 4.0 support on its way

We're now finalizing AOL 4.0 support and will be rolling it out to alpha supporters later on this week. We're proud of all the hard work our team has put in so we've made this post public.
We wanted to share this screenshot of the original 4.0 chat room in use, because it's been a while since a lot of you AOL super fans have seen a working version of it.
There is still a lot of extra work to do, however, we'll be updating it daily and have announcements in our #dev-logs Discord channel about what changes have been made. This will allow you to play around with things as they improve. AIM and AOL users will be able to IM and chat with each other from the first day of alpha launch.
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Chat Rooms are now available!
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Subscription levels


$ 2,29 per month
Just a fan wanting to help fund development and hosting, but too aren't interested in all the other benefits? This lowest tier is for you and we appreciate your help all the same, and you can always increase your tier later! You still get access to our Discord development channels and insider info.


$ 5,8 per month
It's not much, but we still appreciate it very much! It will help with our ever increasing server costs. For joining this level, you'll receive: Discord role and private channel access, active development updates, and early access to servers and services in beta.


$ 11,5 per month
If you want access to the latest and greatest, not to mention lots of updates on what's going on, this is for you. It also comes with everything from the Sustainer level, and also access to servers and services in alpha and free access to any pay services.

Retro Royalty

$ 22,9 per month
This is the one for you if you really want to keep things running. It helps us pay for everything. Plus, it gets you these wonderful perks: ad-free content where available/possible, as well as everything in the Sustainer and Subscriber levels.

Future Proof

$ 35 per month
This may be named after a Massive Attack song, but it's still true. By joining at this level, you will help NINA and Escargot continue to develop and never go away. We always plan to keep old services going forever, adapting them for the modern world and operating systems rather than just destroying them, and your support helps that stay true. Everything from all other levels is included, as well as an email address for any service domain (when available)
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