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NINA and Escargot

creating an AOL, AIM, ICQ, and MSN revival
NINA and Escargot
53.91 of $ 2 785 money raised
This will allow us to finish quickly and get a fully functional ICQ and AIM server up and running for the world to use!

About the creator

Our pre-alpha has launched and we're moving at a fast pace, but we definitely need more support.
Chat Rooms are now available!
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NINA's Pre-Alpha is up and running!
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Subscription levels


$ 5,6 per month
It's not much, but we still appreciate it very much! It will help with our ever increasing server costs. For joining this level, you'll receive: Discord role and private channel access, active development updates, and early access to servers and services in beta.


$ 11,2 per month
If you want access to the latest and greatest, not to mention lots of updates on what's going on, this is for you. It also comes with everything from the Sustainer level, and also access to servers and services in alpha and free access to any pay services.

Retro Royalty

$ 22,3 per month
This is the one for you if you really want to keep things running. It helps us pay for everything. Plus, it gets you these wonderful perks: ad-free content where available/possible, as well as everything in the Sustainer and Subscriber levels.

Future Proof

$ 34 per month
This may be named after a Massive Attack song, but it's still true. By joining at this level, you will help NINA and Escargot continue to develop and never go away. We always plan to keep old services going forever, adapting them for the modern world and operating systems rather than just destroying them, and your support helps that stay true. Everything from all other levels is included, as well as an email address for any service domain (when available)
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