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With this many "Leveling Adventurer" subscribers, I can painlessly make a batch of 4-5 placed items per month.
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1st workspace upgrade goal. You can help me to make my work more comfortable. First thing to buy is a good computer chair.

About the creator

I played Neverwinter Nights when the game first came out and since then it has occupied a special corner in my heart. When EE came out I was quite excited. But soon after that came pretty familiar bitterness when I saw that most graphic mods, even oficial ones, are noticeably changing the design of things instead of just quality and detalization level. We all saw that Lady Aribeth replacer, didn't we? So I decided to dust off and improve my modding skills and make mods that will keep the original design intact as much as possible while improving graphics and detalization.
You may wonder why I ask for money support if this is a passion project? Welp, rest assured I will keep on going as long as I can even without money. Money will only help me to find more time for the project. And let’s get started.

Current goals and subscribe levels explanation

If you wonder what goals I’m talking about, look at the left part of this page.
The goal for subscribers pretty much shows how much I can speed up for what amount of money per month. If we will go way above that number or never get any close to that number, I’ll edit it to show my expected speed of work.
The second goal for raising money has nothing to do with “monthly” and finding time. But my workspace is slightly better than mediocre at the moment and if you wish to help me improve it, I’ll be most grateful. And of course comfortable workspace means less of burning out, more of opportunity to improve and speed up.
Subscription levels
I’m not going to make any closed content, I want to stay transparent with all the community and whoever may be interested in my mods. So you’ll stay updated on my work as it progresses, but I won’t do anything specially only for you on whatever subscription level.
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What’s the plan?

The general plan is quite simple: I’m going to produce new models and textures for “Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition” till the game will look ~10 years younger. I will add fancy mapping, polygons and some details, but I will not add something that was never meant to be there. So don’t expect to get brand new ornaments for example, but do expect to get a handle on the lid of an openable barrel. I will do my best to preserve the original color scheme and ornaments while redrawing them for higher resolution.
The details of the plan should come with some explanations for those who are new to the NWN modding community… For the game world NWN uses such models as:
1. Placeables. These are standalone models for furniture, plants, containers etc. We can easily replace them 1 by 1 with no grouping or whatsoever.
2. Tiles. These are whole patches of terrain of a certain type. And by whole I mean whole, it’s not just ground, there may be a tree, a wall, a few non-interactable containers, etc. To replace one of those objects we need to replace the whole tile.
3. Doors. These models are coming as a separate group, because on one side they are standalone like the rest of placeables, but on another they need to be worked on with tiles in mind, because the doorways are parts of tiles and certain doors are meant to be used with certain tiles.
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Subscription levels

Leveling adventurer

$ 1,17 per month
Low subscription level
It will affect my working speed, but I will not grant you any bonuses.

Multiclassing adventurer

$ 2,34 per month
Medium subscription level
You'll get access to a special Discord channel where you will be able to vote for the next batch of placeables for me to focus on.
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Epic adventurer

$ 11,7 per month
Highest subscription level
In addition to the "Multiclassing adventurer" subscription bonus this one will allow you to sneak in the next batch a placeable that you personally want me to make sooner than later.
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