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About the creator

Welcome to my Boosty! I'm Jenia, I'm 23 and I've been creating textures for Minecraft for more than 3 years.

rotrBLOCKS is a PBR/POM resource pack that won't take away your vanilla style, but will make it so much better!
Pixlli is a new PBR/POM resource pack that will give you more detail, preserving the vanilla of your game and creating a feeling of your favorite pixelation.
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$ 1,2 per month
Minimal support for my creativity! Thanks to you, I have the opportunity to work on resource packs. Thanks!
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$ 2,76 per month
You provide great support for my work, and you also get access to constant updates of the resource packs:
rotrBLOCKS 256x
Pixlli 256x
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Emerald Pro Max

$ 5,6 per month
Huge support for my creativity, and you also get access to constant updates of resource packs in MAXimum resolution:
rotrBLOCKS 512x
rotrBLOCKS 256x
Pixlli 512x
Pixlli 256x
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Emerald Premium

$ 8,4 per month
Even more huge support for my creativity, as well as access to all versions of my resource packs!
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$ 11,8 per month
Fantastic support for my art, I have no words to thank you!
You also get access to all my resource packs!
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