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Making cartoons style fursuits!
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So, hello! :3   We are FurR.CluB !
On our site you will find information about our completed fursuits and about how we make fursuits. PRICE & COMMISSIONING TERMS - is here
We have been make a fursuits since 2013 , but we have really started to get something good by quality since 2016. We are a couple (married couple) and we work quickly - on average for one suit takes a two month. We keep the lowest prices, taking into account the unique features of our suits: our fursuits have their own "know-how" and fit like a glove and they are universal for fursuiters of almost any height and width at the waist.
We live in Russia, about here, but shipping still works well anywhere in the world - no problem with that. The problem may be only with the materials, so first we need to see the reference of your character or we will help to arrange it.
Payment for our works only through this site (boosty.to), and using its capabilities (it is better to talk about this in advance). Installment - is obtained automatically due to the peculiarities of payments from 2022.
Every year we make costumes for sale (for cheap sale usually) - just sometimes drop in main page of the site and you won't miss it.
For communication, it is more convenient for me to use regular e-mail (spacealienfox@gmail.com). Although I also often see messages on Instagram and Facebook.
Our work examples here
On this, bye! See you!
By the way, this is we are :)

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