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So, hello! :3 We are fursuits makers!

About the creator

We are married couple who start make fursuits in 2013. Our website FurR.CluB where you can see our work. Our fursuits have their own know-how:
— fits comfortably like a glove at almost any waist size;
— since our suits are held on the torso, we make a large margin at the
height, which does not interfere, but at any time can be used either
for its intended purpose for those for a large height or for a low
— a soft heads like classic fursuits, but not made of foam
rubber, but of foamed polyethylene, which does not rot and makes the
head freer and cooler inside.
Our PORTFOLIO can be found here. By the way, this is us :) (2018)   
The secret to fast paws that suit everyone.
Having walked for the first time in our furpaws we drew conclusions about the pain in our heels. So, we fixed it and, as a result, now you c
Post is available after purchase
Cherry the Hare fursuit
Cherry the Hare fursuit
Post is available after purchase

Fursuit Axel the Dog.

Sold as of June 2022. The fursuit was made for sale. A full description of the design can be found here.   
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Owo🐶loks like pretty neat fursuit😍🍾🍸🥂🍹🥳👍🥹Awesome  great work!😉💘💜💜💚💙
Thank you!
In plan another one, but with the with round spots.
 Я в восторге от ваших работ ,симпатичная красивая работа классный тигр молодцы продолжайте ,ваши костюмы сногсшибательными !с уважением!PartyPopperHeartCallMe
Спасибо! :3

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