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Hello, I'm Denis!

If you are here, you must be a big fan of RPG Maker as I am.

I develop and share plugins on my website https://dk-plugins.ru/
By the moment, I have over 30+ amazing plugins, available on my website absolutely for free!
TOP-5 Plugins
DKTools - Advanced project testing and various functions.
Localization - Translate your project into several languages.
Video Player - Adds video to the title screen, credits, the layers on the map and other.
Game modes - Adds a choice of game mode when the player selects a new game.
Full Input - Adds all the keyboard and gamepad keys to the game. Allows you to automatically turn on the switches when you press the keys.
Terms of use
You can:
To use the plugin for your non-commercial projects
Change code of the plugin
You cannot:
Delete or change any information about the plugin
Distribute the plugin and its modifications
When content on my site is updated
Minor updates (bug fixes) - 1 week after publication on boosty
Normal update (1-2 features or so) - 2 weeks after posting on boosty
Big update (many features and improvements) - 1 month after posting on boosty
Plugins created specifically for boosty subscribers will not be publicly available on my site or in various forums.
Website: DKPlugins
Thanks for your visit and your support!

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