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Hello, I'm Denis!

If you are here, you must be a big fan of RPG Maker as I am.

I develop and share plugins on my website https://dk-plugins.ru/
By the moment, I have over 30+ amazing plugins, available on my website absolutely for free!
TOP-5 Plugins
DKTools - Advanced project testing and various functions.
Localization - Translate your project into several languages.
Video Player - Adds video to the title screen, credits, the layers on the map and other.
Game modes - Adds a choice of game mode when the player selects a new game.
Full Input - Adds all the keyboard and gamepad keys to the game. Allows you to automatically turn on the switches when you press the keys.
Terms of use
You can:
To use the plugin for your non-commercial projects
Change code of the plugin
You cannot:
Delete or change any information about the plugin
Distribute the plugin and its modifications
When content on my site is updated
Minor updates (bug fixes) - 1 week after publication on boosty
Normal update (1-2 features or so) - 2 weeks after posting on boosty
Big update (many features and improvements) - 1 month after posting on boosty
Plugins created specifically for boosty subscribers will not be publicly available on my site or in various forums.
Website: DKPlugins
Thanks for your visit and your support!
Plugin update! Game Time Day/Night v1.0.3 [MV|MZ]
Level required:
Early access

New plugin! Plugin Commands Finder v1.0.0 [MZ]

Description: Allows you to find the use of plugin commands in all game events.
Search for plugin commands among all events in the game.
Grouping by plugins and commands, displaying the number of commands and events in each group.
Disabled plugins are displayed with half transparency.
Brief information on each event: map, event, page and approximate position in the list.
Ability to update the list if you edit the project (you must save changes to the project before updating the list).
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Plugin update! Auto Wrap Messages v1.2.0 [MV|MZ]
Level required:
Exclusive plugins
Plugin update! Game Time Day/Night v1.0.2 [MV|MZ]
Level required:
Early access
Commercial license (Unlimited projects)
Purchasing this post means that you have purchased a commercial license, which gives you a time-unlimited license for any of your projects.
Post is available after purchase
Plugin update! Cheat Codes v1.1.0 [PRO] [MV|MZ]
Level required:
Exclusive plugins

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