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Creatures and Magic: Sparks of the source

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Creatures and Magic: Sparks of the source
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About the creator

Creatures and Magic its a fairy tale, role-playing game with a big beautiful and open meditative world where you can leisurely enjoy the beauties, its an exciting story, leveling up your character and ability to tame creatures.Who did no dream about making their own game when they were a child? We are making our dream come true!  
One of meanings of the game is to make friends with creatures!
In game will be a lot of them... Wolves, big cats, dragons and many different creatures that you can only imagine! Even artificial intelligence...
It will be possible to go through adventures with them, take care of them, and give them what they want!
A large number of unique magic, skills, abilities and spells...
You can combine them and create your own style of game.
Another purpose of the game is independent choice of your path!
And one of the main goal of the game is to solve the mysteries of the world!
The game will have many different worlds (flying islands)
One of the islands will be the birthplace of the main character
You will have to unravel what the world is like...
Travel between flying islands and find the history of each of them
Possible purposes in the game on your choice:
● You can be a traveler and explore worlds
● You can be a creature master and tame more of them
● You can breed animals and creatures
● You can become skilled in using special melee and ranged weapons
● You can become stronger in magic and collect a lot of rare abilities
● You can pass the main quest line and discover more! 
● You can be a Demon hunter or Demon lord
● You can be a finder of adventures  
Other features of the game:
● Interaction with weather and temperature of ambient and creatures
● The game is meditative! You can just enjoy the view of the environment  
Playable Creature companions already in the game:
● Deer Mule 
● Tiger 
● DireWolf
● Lion and Lioness
● Leopard
● Raptor
● Lightning (its vehicle and companion with artificial intelligence)
● Raven (as an additional ability)
● Lightwing little Dragon
● Owl  
Enemy Creatures:
● Draconids (Lord of the Demons and Dark forces)
● Twilight Wolf (Demon) 
● Demon Scout
● Sneak Pupae (Alien)
● Evil Eye (Demon)
● Werewolf
● Skeleton Warrior (Undead)  
Neutral Creatures:
● Forest Spider
● Hermit Crab
● Rat
● Shrieking Shroom
● Alien Rabbit  
Spells and abilities already in the game:
● Enigma Vortex
● Astral Bolt
● Vampirism
● Astral Arrows
● Katon: Fire Ball
● Rasengan (4 Levels)
● Aura: Beast Cloak
● Aura: Green Defence
● Aura: Claws
● Summon Creature
● Creature Actions 
● Chidori
● Dojutsu (Sharingan, Mangekyu, Rinnegan, Amaterasu, Susanoo)
● Summon Raven Scout
● Gudoudama
● Lightning Balls
● Shocking Grasp 
● Fire Bolt
● Fire Ball 
● Acid Bolt
● Sage Mode: Power Up
● Lifeforce Injection
● Ice Stream
● Ice Comet
● Ice Bolt 
● Animation Emotions
● Emoji Smiles
● Wind Bolt 
● Elemental Sword (Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Shadow)
● Astral Shield
● Lightning 
● Astral Chakram
● Shadow Bolt
● Howl Of Death

The first screenshot of this idea!

Right now I'm working on a katana weapon (Sasuke style) and chidori! I still need to do some animations! Here is the first screenshot of what came out
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Working on new ability - Angel Wings!

This allows to create most spells in double, i.e. in two hands... For example, the double Lightning Elemental Sword or double Rasengan or double Fireball :)

[Concept 🔊] Shadow & Blood Elements, Howl of Death & Lifeforce Injection

Hi! As you can see in total (my last 3 videos) I've done quite a lot of work!
And yet I haven't shown everything I've done yet! I still have the element of astral and poisoning
And the ability to summon creatures (many different creatures with different features)
And I also made it possible to attack with a sword
The next thing I plan to do is a katana (like Sasuke's) and the opportunity to use chidori together with a katana! To do this, I will have to make new animations...
And the most interesting thing I'm thinking about is making it possible to apply hand seals like in naruto
Will be an ability, when activated, replaces all the current icons of abilities in the hotbar with icons of hand seals and you will need to choose hand seals to make necessary ninjutsu!
Yeah, this is a very interesting idea

Just working on spell lightning and elemental sword 😊

I like to work out small details... I have been trying to achieve this kind of lightning for a long time 😊 I sharpen every detail like this, even over the smallest details I can fumble for a long time, so that in the end everything together looks gorgeous
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