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Here you can donate money for the support of the project.
    VIP+AURA10$ on 30 days
    VIP8$ on 30 days
    DELUXE: 15$ on 30 days (All features on all servers!)
When writing messages, please follow the following format:
    Server SteamID Option (ex: US Coop-24 STEAM_1:0:1234567 VIP+AURA)
To pay via PayPal: https://hipolink.me/core.ss

Server changes

* The turret no longer blocks doors or collides with other objects.
* All T1 and T2 weapons will now deal increased damage to Bosses.
* Minor code optimizations.

Server changes

* Changed the type of damage dealt by ElectoBox. Damage to incapacitated Survivors is now dealt correctly.
* CombatTank no longer receives a health bonus for killing Survivors.
* Boss movement speed, as well as some damage, now depends on the number of players left alive, and not on their total number on the server.
* Bosses attack players more aggressively depending on the round number and the number of alive players. The more players are alive and the fewer rounds lost, the more aggressive the bosses are.
* Informational messages about killing bosses are disabled.
* Autodifficulty on the server now also depends on the rounds. The more rounds lose, the easier the bosses become.

Server changes

* The saferoom door can now be cracked earlier if more than 60% of the living Survivors are near the door.
* When the BonuxBox is active, there is a chance to get an adrenaline effect for 15 seconds when killing Bosses.
* Minor fixes and code optimizations.
* Now players with NoSteam cannot connect to the last 2 slots (excluding the VIP slot).

Servers changes

* Fixed a bug where the server might not restart after a long time if the restart time interval has already passed.
* Antifarm now teleports only not incapacitated players, kills the rest.
* Optimized some code snippets for better performance.
* Improved servers display in global search.
* Added a button to close the CEDA trailer door on c5m2_park, for the correct work of the antifarm.
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