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1$ = 50 ₽. Click on the button below to enter the amount and pay.

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Here you can donate money for the support of the project.
EU Coop-25:
    VIP+AURA - 12$ it's 600 on 30 days
    VIP - 10$ it's 500 on 30 days
    AURA - 4$ it's 200 on 30 days

Coop-24 or US Coop-24:
    VIP+AURA - 10$ it's 500 on 30 days
    VIP - 8$ it's 400 on 30 days
    AURA - 4$ it's 200 on 30 days
   VIP - 5$ it's 250 on 30 day

To pay, use the GOALS (ЦЕЛИ) block located on the left (or below on a mobile device). In case of problems when paying with bank cards, use PayPal payment. The prices are indicated taking into account the coverage of the commission of the service.
Also, in case of problems with payment, you can pay a donation directly to pay for the services of our hosting provider at the link: here. Don't forget to indicate Server, service and your steamid in note.
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Mar 07 20:38
Donations SteamID's
After payment, please comment on this post your SteamID and the server where you want to activate the VIP. After activation VIP, your comment will be deleted.
EU Coop-25 STEAM_1:0:1234567 VIP+AURA
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