C&C Generals World War II
C&C Generals World War II
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Localization into Arabic. الترجمة إلى اللغة العربية.
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Localization into French. Localisation en Français. Une petite explication pourquoi c'est moins cher que l'arabe : nous avons déjà une traduction fran
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Complete Allied Campaign. Now the game already has 4 missions of the campaign, where you can get acquainted with the general presentation and developm
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Complete German Campaign. 10 missions
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Complete USSR Campaign. 10 missions
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Complete Training Campaign. 3 base training missions + 2 missions like Japan Campaign.
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Fundraising for the prize fund of the tournament in the 2x2 format. Сбор средств для призового фонда турнира в формате 2х2.
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New update with additional Map pack (5 maps)
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New update with additional pack of special maps (5 maps): AOD, CASINO, KING OF HILL, FRONTLINE, DOTA
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Full installer without GenLauncher. Полный установщик без GenLauncher.

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